OSRS Spirit Tree

Spirit Trees are a transportation method used by the Gnome race. To gain access players will need to have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest. This will partially unlock spirit trees, as you will have access to existing trees.

However, some spirit trees will need to be planted by the player, after obtaining the untradeable spirit tree seed from bird nests, farming contracts or monster drops. Additionally, the Tree Gnome Stronghold spirit tree will remain locked and unusable until full completion of the Grand Tree quest.

osrs Spirit Tree
Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree Locations

As previously mentioned, spirit trees can be split into two seperate categories, these are pre-existing and permanent spirit trees and self-grown spirit trees.

Permanent locations

  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Gnome Stronghold (Grand Tree completion required)
  • Battlefield of Khazard
  • Grand Exchange
  • Feldip Hills
  • Prifddinas (Song of the Elves completion required)

Self-grown Tree Locations

  • Etceteria
  • Port Sarim
  • Brimhaven
  • Hosidius
  • Farming Guild (85+ Farming required)
  • Player-owned house in the Superior Garden (75+ construction required)

The fastest method of accessing a spirit tree is to have one planted in your player owned house. However, this requires a minimum of 75 Construction and 83 Farming. So, for lower level accounts, a slayer ring teleport to the Stronghold Slayer Cave and running east to the Spirit Tree will be the fastest option. Using a Grand Exchange teleport (varrock tablet or ring of wealth) and using the Spirit Tree there is also just as fast.

Spirit Tree Patches

At level 83 Farming players can grow their own spirit tree if they have obtained the untradable seeds. Farming boosts to reach level 83 are allowed. Once planted the tree will take 58 hours and 40 minutes to fully grow, making it one of the slowest to fully grow in the game.

To protect the patch from disease, players should pay the gnome gardeners 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar and 1 ground suqah tooth. This is highly recommended due to the untradeable nature of the seeds and their rarity. Checking the health of a fully grown spirit tree will reward the player with 19,301.8 farming experience.

Best Spirit Tree Locations

The amount of spirit trees you can plant yourself is locked behind farming levels. At level 83 players can have one planted at a time. Level 91 unlocks a second spirit tree to have planted at once. While level 99 unlocks the ability to plant unlimited. Therefore, picking the best spirit tree locations to plant prior to level 99 is important.

However, the best patches to use is largely based on personal preference. The popular choices usually include the Brimhaven and Farming Guild patches. As these are areas that are popular destinations when on various different farming runs such as; tree patch runs, fruit tree patch runs and herb patch runs.