OSRS Mage Arena II Guide

Mage Arena II is the miniquest that unlocks the ability to obtain imbued god capes in OSRS. Which gives access to the current best in slot magic cape. During the miniquest players must hunt down three powerful demi-bosses and kill them. These bosses are called Porazdir, Justiciar Zachariah and Derwen. Each of them is a representative follower of Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix.


  • 75 Magic.
  • Completion of Mage Arena 1.
  • Must have casted Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak and Saradomin Strike 100 times each inside the mage arena.
  • You will need each of the god staves with runes to cast each of the god spells.
  • Slash weapon or knife to cut webs.

Guide to complete the Mage Arena II Quest

Below we will walk you through the most optimal and efficient method used to complete the Mage Arena II miniquest.

Start the quest

Travel to Mage Arena in level 55 wilderness and enter the small house to the north-west, pull the lever to be teleported into a cave. You will need a knife or slash weapon to remove the webs to reach the lever.

Once inside speak with Kolodion about a new challenge. He will tell you he is investigating the ability to upgrade your existing god cape but needs your help. He’ll then provide you an enchanted symbol.

Boss Locations and Spawn points

The enchanted symbol operates similar to the enchanted key and strange device. It will let you know if you are getting closer (hotter) or further away (colder) and deal damage to you. The potential spawn locations are shown in the map below.

Follow this step by step guide to locating the mage arena II bosses and killing them:

  1. Locate a follower using the symbol
  2. Leave and go to replenish your stats, hitpoints, prayer and re-gear with a full invent of food if needed.
  3. Return to the location and kill the follower. Take the remains and teleport to edgeville or travel there as safely as possible.
  4. Re-gear with a full invent of food and use the edgeville wilderness lever then run north, then east to take the remains back to Kolodion.
  5. Repeat the process for the two remaining followers.
osrs Potential spawn points for mage arena 2 bosses
Potential spawn points

Example Gear Setup & Inventory

As this miniquest takes part in the wilderness it is important to reduce your risk by taking inexpensive items. Your gear should consist of dragonhide as it is cheap and provides strong magical defence. As even with protect from magic the followers can hit very hard (20+ damage).

Your inventory should consist of a stamina potion, your best food, runes for the spells, a one click teleport up to 30 wilderness, a slash weapon and more. You can see an ideal example inventory and gear setup in the images below.

Gear and Inventory example for mage arena 2 osrs
Gear and Inventory example


Once you have successfully killed all three of the bosses and returned their respective drops to Kolodion you will have completed the miniquest. You can now take one of your god capes to Kolodion and he will be able to upgrade it to the imbued version. If you wish to imbue another god cape you will only need to kill the follower of the god cape you want to imbue next. This means if you wish to imbue all three types you will need to kill the followers 5 times.