OSRS Best Places to Cook Food

Cooking in OSRS is a fairly easy and quick skill to train, known as one of the fastest skills to 99. But, finding the right cooking spot can be vital, as areas that are close by to a bank can reduce travel time and increase experience rates. Additionally, some spots are beneficial for different perks such as reduced burn rate. This guide aims to inform you of the best places to train cooking in OSRS.

Where are the Best Cooking Spots in OSRS?

  • Hosidius House Kitchen
  • Myths Guild Range
  • Rogues’ Den Fire
  • Cooking Guild
  • Catherby

Hosidius House Kitchen

The Hosidius Kitchen is a small building found directly south of the Kourend Castle. You can reach the area with a Xeric’s Talisman teleport to Glade the running north-west. Alternatively, teleport to Xeric’s Heart if you have it unlocked and run south.

This cooking area is has a bank, making the distance to the bank from the range very short. Additionally, there is a 5% increased chance of successfully cooking food and not burning it. This increases to 10% if you have completed the elite Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Players must have 100% hosidius favour to use the ranges in the kitchen.

osrs Hosidius House Kitchen location
Hosidius House Kitchen location

Myths Guild Range

The Myths’ Guild is the second best cooking location in OSRS. This is because it has the shortest travel distance to and from the bank of any cooking range. The Range is one tile away from the bank.

Since it is a range and not a fire it also benefits from the lower burn rates. However, to use this spot you will need to have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest.

osrs Myths' Guild Location
Myths’ Guild Location

Rogues’ Den Fire

The Rogues’ Den is similar to the Myths Guild cooking spot. As they are both in super close proximity to a bank. The fire at the rogues’ den is everlasting and located 2 tiles from a bank.

This spot is slightly worse than the Myths Guild as a fire has a higher chance of burning food. However, the requirements are far less to access this area.

osrs rogues den location
Rogues Den Location

Cooks’ Guild

The Cooks’ Guild is the fourth best location for cooking in OSRS. It has some small requirements, players will need 32 cooking and a Chef’s hat to enter. Players will find a bank and a close by cooking range which can be used.

osrs Cooking Guild location
Cooks’ Guild Location


The cooking range in Catherby is located in the building adjacent to the bank. It is a slightly longer run than the one in the Cooks’ Guild. However, there are no requirements to use this one, making it a good option for players who can’t access the Cooks’ Guild.

osrs Catherby cooking spot
Catherby Cooking Spot