OSRS F2P Money Making Guide

Making money in free-to-play worlds can be very challenging. As players do not have the same wealth of high paying money makers, that are available in members worlds. But, for any new player, saving up to afford an Oldschool Bond for access to these worlds is super important. This article aims to explore the best money makers in F2P worlds.

What are some of the best F2P Money Making Methods?

  • High Alching Rune Items
  • Mining Runite Ore
  • Smithing Rune items
  • Making Uncooked apple pies
  • Crafting diamond Jewellery
  • Buying Jug Packs

Full list of the best OSRS Money Makers for Free to Play

MethodAverage hourly profitRequirements
High Alching Rune Items550,00055+ Magic
Mining runite ore450,00085+ Mining
Smithing rune items425,00099+ Smithing
Making uncooked apple pies250,00030+ Cooking
Making pie shells250,000None
Crafting Diamond Jewellery250,00043+ Crafting
Buying feather packs225,000None
Buying jug packs225,000None
Making Anchovy Pizzas210,00055+ cooking
Making uncooked berry pies200,00010+ cooking
Crafting Ruby Jewellery200,00034+ Crafting
Uncooked meat pies190,00020+ Cooking
Collecting anti-dragon shields185,000None
Tanning Cowhides180,000None
Collecting Chaos Runes175,000None
Combat stats recommended
Buying team capes160,000None
Collecting red spiders’ eggs160,00069+ combat recommended
Crafting sapphire jewellery130,00020+ Crafting
Killing Bryophyta125,00050+ Attack
50+ Strength
50+ Defence
43+ Prayer
57+ Woodcutting

Be sure to check current Grand Exchange prices before investing time into a chosen money making method. As the profitability may change from time to time. Depending on the demand for specific items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make money in F2P?

The best method of making money in f2p is by alching profitable rune items. However, it is important to note that this is dependant on how much money you already have available to invest. In addition to Grand Exchange buy limits.

Therefore, a more achievable method long term can be mining runite ore. Although, this requires a minimum of level 85 mining.

Is flipping a good money maker in f2p?

Yes, flipping can be a very good money maker for free to play worlds. The best items to flip are usually rune armour and weapons. Items such as the rune scimitar, armour set, 2h sword and more. Items that are traded at high volumes such as runes and fish are also good to make profit on.