OSRS Cooking Training Guide

The Cooking skill is one of the fastest skills to 99 in OSRS. It is also an easy one to train, being both relatively inexpensive and low intensity, for this reason it is one of the most common 99s in the game. This OSRS cooking training guide will highlight the most efficient ways to level the skill from 1 to 99, as well as some viable alternatives for people who want to prioritise low intensity or profitable methods.

Fastest OSRS Cooking Experience

Below if the most optimal route to follow from level 1 to 99 cooking in terms of efficiency and time spent.

Levels 1-30: 1-tick Poison Karambwan

1 tick cooking karambwan osrs

Cooking poison Karambwan’s is the fastest cooking experience between levels 1 and 30. However, for the fastest experience rates, players must make use of the 1-tick method. If tick manipulation is used players can cook around 5,000 per hour, for an average of 400,000 cooking experience per hour.

1-tick cooking karambwans is a very easy technique to learn, simply hold down the “1” key and use raw karambwans on a range or fire. You will only need to make 168 poison karmabwans for level 30, so this will take only a few minutes.

If you would prefer to not use tick manipulation, then cooking normal fish is more optimal for experience rates.

Level 30-99: 1-tick Cooked Karambwan

The best OSRS cooking experience rates come from 1-tick cooking cooked Karambwans.

When running at maximum efficiency it is possible to get around 950,000 cooking experience per hour. You will need to ensure you are in close proximity to a bank for the best rates, the Myths Guild or Mor Ul Rek is recommended. Experience rates at different level brackets can be seen below.

osrs karambwan cooking experience rates
Karambwan Cooking Experience Rates

Alternative Cooking Methods in OSRS

There are a variety of different ways players can train the cooking skill in OSRS. This can be done for a range of different goals/objectives, some players might want to spend longer AFKing, while others may wish to gain some passive profit as they train. Below is a list of viable alternative cooking training methods.

Level 1/30-99: Cooking Fish

Cooking the highest tier fish available to your is the most popular traditional way of training the skill. It is low intensity and lets players afk for long periods of time. Additionally most fish will provide a profit when cooked.

Cooking gauntlets are highly recommended if you are concerned about maximising profits and experience rates as they reduce the chance a fish will be burnt. Additionally, the Hosidius range provides an additional 5% chance to not burn food, which can be useful for the same reason.

It is possible to get up to 330,000 cooking experience per hour when cooking Anglerfish and up to 385,000 xp/hour with sharks. A full list of some of the most commonly cooked fish and their experience rates is shown in the table below.

osrs cooking fish exp rates
Cooking raw fish experience rates

Level 35/68-99: Jugs of Wine

osrs jugs of wine

Fermenting Jugs of Wine provides fast cooking experience rates in OSRS. Expect around 480,000 cooking exp/hour with this method, which is the fastest of any cooking method that does not involve tick manipulation. However, this method is buyable and players will typically experience an overall loss through this method, although it is usually only a small loss.

The fastest experience rates come after level 68, when it is no longer possible to mage a “jug of bad wine”. This is the equivalent of burning food since a jug of bad wine will provide 0 cooking experience.

To make a Jug of Wine, add grapes to jugs of water, this will create an unfermented wine. The unfermented wine will ferment in 12 seconds, but this timer will reset every new jug you make. This allows players to ferment large volumes of wine in the bank all at once, so huge amounts of cooking experience can be granted at one period of time.

Best Cooking Locations in OSRS

Since each full inventory of fish takes precisely 67.2 seconds to cook (if no tick manipulation is used) the best way to improve cooking experience is by optimising your banking time. Finding the best place to cook your fish will help reduce the travel time between the bank and the fire or range. Some of the best cooking locations include:

  • Myths Guild
  • Mor Ul Rek
  • Rogues’ Den
  • Hosidius Kitchen
  • Wintertodt Camp
  • Lumbridge Castle

Myths’ Guild

OSRS Myths guild range

Arguably the best cooking location in OSRS, although it requires completion of Dragon Slayer II. On the first floor of the Guild, players will find a stove which is located directly opposite a bank. The player doesn’t need to move their character at all to use either the bank or stove. Additionally, since it is a stove being used, it has a built in lower chance of burning food when compared to a standard fire.

Mor Ul Rek

OSRS Sulphur Vent

The Bank in the inner city of Mor Ul Rek has a sulphur vent directly opposite the bank chest. This allows for similar instant banking to the Myths Guild, but without the benefit provide by a stove. Additionally, only meat or fish can be cooked here.

To access the inner city of Mor Ul Rek, a fire cape must be sacrificed to enter.

Rogues’ Den

OSRS Rogues den fire

At the Rogues Den players can use an everlasting fire and instantly bank with Emerald Benedict. This is another instant banking area, with 0 tiles needed to be travelled.

The requirements are also significantly easier here. Players just need to make their way to the area, which can be found below the Burnthorpe Pub’s cellar.

Hosidius Kitchen

OSRS Hosidius Kitchen

The Hosidius Kitchen is located 6 tiles from a bank. While it is not as close as the other options, players do benefit from a 5% reduced chance to burn food. This can scale up to 10% with the Elite Kourend Diary completion.

However, the Easy Kourend Diary is required to use the ranges in this Kitchen.

Wintertodt Camp

OSRS Wintertodt fire

The Wintertodt camp contains an everlasting fire that is only 8 tiles from the nearest bank. While not the best location available to players, it has some of the lowest requirements and is very accessible to low levels.

Lumbridge Castle

OSRS Lumbridge Castle range

This is the best cooking spot for early-game training, however, you should definitely move to one of the other spots on this list when you progress to mid and late game.

It is 22 tiles from the nearest bank, but offers the benefits of reduced burn rates from cooking on a range. Additionally, there are no requirements to access the area, players can reach it easily with a home teleport.