OSRS Bird Houses Guide

Bird House traps are a method of training hunter passively. The technique works similar to Farming, where a bird house will be planted and it will take 50 minutes before you can return and essentially harvest it for loot and experience.

Players must first build a bird house, ideally the highest tier available to them. Then fill them with either 10 low level or 5 high level seeds, before waiting the 50 minutes. The tier of seed has no relevance to the rewards received, so it is always recommended to use the cheapest seeds available.

Where to start Bird House Hunter?

In total there are four bird house locations, all of which are found on Fossil Island. Therefore, you must have completed the Bone Voyage quest to access the Island. Each location can be found on the map, indicated with a bird house icon. The first two are found in the Verdant Valley south-east of the Museum Camp. The third is west of the ancient shroom in the Mushroom Forest. Finally, the fourth is near the Tar Swamp entrance.

osrs Bird House Locations
Bird House Locations

Guide to Catching Birds

To successfully setup a birdhouse at one of the four locations you will need four logs, four clockworks, a hammer, a chisel and 40 low tier seeds. However, you can also buy pre-made bird houses from the Grand Exchange. When you loot a Bird House after the 50 minutes, the clockwork used to make it will be returned.

Setup for Bird House Runs

osrs Bird House run inventory setup
Bird House run inventory setup

Step by Step method for Bird House runs

  1. Teleport to Fossil Island on your digsite pendant.
  2. Use the Mushtree and go to Verdant Valley.
  3. Place Bird Houses on both the eastern and western Bird House locations. Adding seeds to each.
  4. Use the Mushtree to go to Mushroom Meadow, place a bird house here.
  5. Run south from here to the swamp entrance and place your final bird house.
  6. Return to each of the bird houses with the same method in 50 minutes to loot the birdhouses. Remember to replant new bird houses in each of the locations after looting.

This method relies on you to have already unlocked access to the digsite pendant and its teleports. Along with full access to the Mushtree teleports. If you have not unlocked them, make it your priority before doing Bird Houses (or during your first run).

Bird House Experience Rates

At level 5 hunter, players can expect to get around 50,000 hunter experience per hour with this method. Scaling to around 170,000 hunter experience at level 50. Beyond level 90 you can expect around 220,000 with Redwood Bird Houses. A breakdown of all the different experience rates from doing Bird House runs can be seen below.

osrs bird house Experience Rates
Bird House Traps and Experience Rates