OSRS Best Crossbows

Crossbows are a vital part of the ranged skill and important in a variety of different combat situations. While the Toxic Blowpipe and Twisted Bow may outclass them in later game. There is still a huge benefit found in using crossbows, particularly for ironmen or players on a budget. They make up a significant part of your osrs ranged gear progression.

What are the Best Crossbows in OSRS?

  1. Zaryte Crossbow
  2. Armadyl Crossbow
  3. Dragon Hunter Crossbow
  4. Dragon Crossbow
  5. Rune Crossbow

1. Zaryte Crossbow (ZCB)

The Zaryte Crossbow is the best in slot crossbow currently in OSRS and the strongest of them all. With the highest ranged accuracy of any crossbow, requiring a minimum of 80 ranged to wield. In addition to a powerful special attack that boosts the effect of your enchanted bolts. For example, players who spec with ruby bolts will deal a guaranteed 110 damage on a successful hit to a high hp monster.

How to get the ZCB?

Players will need to kill Nex, the fifth general located in the God Wars Dungeon. Until they receive a Nihil Horn, which is a rare and unique drop from her. You can then attach a Nihil Horn, along with 250 Nihil Shards to an Armadyl Crossbow to create the ZCB.

Combat Stats

osrs Zaryte Crossbow stats
Zaryte Crossbow stats

2. Armadyl Crossbow (ACB)

The Armadyl Crossbow is the second most powerful crossbow in OSRS. It requires a minimum of level 70 ranged to use in combat. However, the crossbow is only slightly better than the Dragon Crossbow, but significantly more expensive to buy. Therefore, it may be worth ignoring this weapon in terms of your gear progression and invest the money elsewhere.

How to get the ACB?

The Armadyl Crossbow can be obtained as a rare drop from the Commander Zilyana.

Combat Stats

osrs Armadyl Crossbow stats
Armadyl Crossbow stats

3. Dragon Hunter Crossbow (DHCB)

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is the third most powerful crossbow. But, is significantly stronger than any other crossbow when facing dragon creatures. As this is a dragonbane weapon so your overall damage output is increased significantly. This crossbow is best used against dragons such as;

How to get the DHCB?

The DHCB is obtained as a unique reward when completing the Chambers of Xeric.

Combat Stats

osrs Dragon Hunter Crossbow stats
Dragon Hunter Crossbow stats

4. Dragon Crossbow (DCB)

The Dragon Crossbow is the best budget crossbow in OSRS. It requires a minimum of level 64 range to equip in combat and holds a consistently low value. It’s low cost makes it perfect for mid to high level players looking to enter PVM and bossing. It is a great starter weapon at content such as CoX, zulrah and more.

The dragon crossbow, like all of the previous crossbows on this list, can fire bolts up to and including dragon bolts.

How to get the DCB?

Players who want to create a dragon crossbow must first kill Rune Dragons or Adamant Dragons for a dragon limbs. Then with 78 fletching the player can fletch a magic stock and attach the limbs to it, to create the crossbow.

Combat Stats

osrs Dragon Crossbow stats
Dragon Crossbow stats

5. Rune Crossbow

The Rune Crossbow can be used from level 61 ranged onwards. This is the first crossbow on the list that can not fire dragon bolts. The rune crossbow can only fire bolts up to and including rune bolts. Therefore, it is worth upgrading to the dragon crossbow as quickly as possible. Although, if you can’t for whatever reason upgrade immediately, this is still a great weapon, particularly for ironmen with limited options.

How to get a RCB?

At level 69 fletching, players can fletch a yew stock and attach it to a pair of rune limbs. The limbs can be obtained from various monsters, and creating a rune crossbow is actually apart of the elite Ardougne diary.

Alternatively, players can obtain the crossbow as a common reward from killing the crazy archaeologist or Kree’arra. It can also be obtained as a reward from elite clue scrolls.

Combat Stats

osrs rune crossbow stats
Rune Crossbow Stats