OSRS Farming Training Guide

Farming has become an important skill for any RuneScape player. It can be trained very passively, with one or two farming runs a day resulting in high rates of experience, as you must wait many hours for patches such as Trees to grow. Thanks to OSRS mobile, this has never been easier too. As with a mobile or tablet you can do farm runs wherever you might be. The skill also has relevant applications in popular places such as our CoX Guide, to help gather secondaries for pot creation.

Efficient Farming Exp in OSRS

This guide will detail the fastest and most efficient methods of training the farming skill. Remember this is a buyable skill so in order to achieve 99 in a fast manner, the majority of methods used come at an expense. Players can stock up by buying money from a trusted seller. Its worth noting that the Bank Tags plugin is very important for efficient farming as a farming specific bank tag can save you a lot of time gearing up for each run.

Questing: level 1 – 35

Early levels of farming can be skipped entirely by completing a list of quests for their respective rewards. A total of 22,500 experience can be gained, helping you reach level 35. This skips training methods which would otherwise be very tedious to complete. The quests required are as follows:

  • Fairytale I – Growing Pains
  • Forgettable Tale…
  • Enlightened Journey
  • Garden of Tranquillity
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure
  • Goblin Generals (Sub quest of Recipe for Disaster)

Bagged Plants in PoH: level 1 – 15

Alternatively if you do not wish to quest then the fastest experience for low level farming is planting bagged plants in the PoH.

Bring three watering cans, a stack of coins and your noted bagged plants to the Rimmington PoH. Build the plants and remove them each time, when you run out leave the PoH and have Phials un-note more bagged plants until you reach level 15.

osrs bagged plants farming experience
Farming Experience from Bagged Plants

Tree Runs: level 15 – 99

Planting the highest available tier tree is recommended to gain the fastest Farming experience. This includes a range of tree types such as Fruit Trees, Special Trees, Hardwood Trees and of course Regular Tree Patches. On average players will only need to do 1 – 2 tree runs per day to get extremely high rates of experience.

It is however recommended that you have access to many different teleports and locations across OSRS. Some of these recommendations include:

  • Tree Spirit access.
  • Bone Voyage complete with access to three hardwood patches.
  • PoH located in Brimhaven or 99 Construction for Cape teleport.
  • 40+ Magic for teleport spells, or relevant teleport tabs if playing non-iron account.
  • Acess to Lletya for the fruit tree patch (Mourning End Part 1)
  • Access to Prifddinas for crystal tree patch (Song of the Elves)

When completing the Farming run itself, it is recommended to always pay for protection on your trees. As this will ensure the tree always survives and you retain the maximum amount of experience from the tree run. Additionally, you should always pay the farmer to chop down the trees. As it is significantly faster than chopping yourself and the fee is very minimal.

Below you can see the amount of trees you can plant within one run:

  • 6 Tree
  • 6 Fruit Tree
  • 3 Hardwood
  • 1 Calquat
  • 1 Crystal
  • 1 Celastrus
  • 1 Redwood

Tree runs also give a significantly high chance of granting the player Hespori Seeds when checking the health of Trees.

Tree Experience Tables

Normal trees

osrs normal trees experience rates

Fruit trees

osrs fruit tree experience rates

Hardwood trees

osrs hardwood tree experience rates

Special trees

osrs special tree experience rates

Tree Run Setup

tree run setup osrs
Tree Run Gear & Inventory Setup example


  • 6 Tree Saplings
  • 6 Fruit Tree Saplings
  • 3 Hardwood Saplings
  • 1 Calquat Sapling
  • 1 Crystal Sapling
  • 1 Celastrus Sapling
  • 1 Redwood Sapling


  • Taverley house or Falador teleport
  • Brimhaven or Ardougne teleport
  • Catherby or Camelot teleport
  • Lumbridge teleport
  • Varrock teleport
  • Skills Necklace for Farming Guild teleport
  • Ring of Wealth or Varrock teleport to Grand Exchange
  • Prifddinas and Lletya teleport crystal
  • Digsite pendant
  • Slayer ring
  • Tai Bwo Wannai teleport scroll

Miscellanious Items

  • Spade
  • Coins
  • Stamina potion
  • Farmers outfit or Graceful outfit (optional)
  • Axe (optional; if not paying the fee)