OSRS Pest Control Guide

The Pest Control is a members only, team based minigame activity. Players must protect the Void Knight from a barrage of on-coming monsters that will try to attack him. While defending players must also destroy the portals to stop the creation of new monsters.

The minigame is most commonly completed for access to void knight equipment and its elite variant. Which is an extremely powerful piece of PvM gear, used in various end-game bossing and raids such as the Theatre of Blood.


Players must have a minimum combat level of 40 or higher to participate in a game of Pest Control. There are three different brackets (novice, intermediate & veteran) all with different combat requirements, as follows:

  • 40+ combat level for the novice game mode
  • 70+ combat level for the intermediate game mode
  • 100+ combat level for the veteran game mode

Each game mode is essentially the same mechanically, the only difference is the strength of monsters you will face. As such the base points you receive for novice are 3 per round, 4 per round for intermediate and 5 per round for veteran. Although, this scales up with different tier completions of the combat achievements diary.

osrs pest control reward points per tier
Reward points per tier


To earn points players must maintain their activity bar, this is similar to the mechanic in the Fishing Trawler and other minigames, to prevent players being inactive. If the bar drops below 25% at the end of the game you will not receive any points.

For those who do not wish to attack with combat, potentially limited pking account builds that do not wish to continue levelling. They can gain activity points by repairing barricades or gates on the pest control island. If opting for this it is strongly advised you complete the easy kandarin diary for double logs from the regular trees.

However, attacking monsters in the surrounding area will award you with activity points. Attacking the portals or spinner monsters will reward the most significant boost to the activity bar.

Minimum number of players

Pest control is a co-operative minigame, therefore, it is not possible to solo this activity. You will need a minimum of 5 players in the boat to start the minigame and a maximum of 25 can go at any one time. It is highly advised to use one of the official pest control worlds when doing this activity, as it is always busy and the landers will fill up quickly.

The pest control official world is World 344.

How to get to Pest Control

Pest Control can be found on the Void Knights’ Outpost. A small island found to the very south of the osrs map. The fastest methods of transportation here include:

  • Minigame teleport directly to pest control.
  • Pest control teleport or teleport scroll directly to the island
  • Take a boat from Port Sarim (Glory teleport to Draynor then run to the docks).
osrs Pest Control Island
Pest Control Island

Guide to winning a game of Pest Control

The method to complete a round of pest control is extremely simple, this mini-game is not hard to learn and very easy for all skill levels.

Simply keep the void knight alive at all times, you will automatically win the game if it is still alive after 20 minutes. But, to speed the minigame up you will want to destroy all 4 of the portals before the monsters can kill the Void Knight. Games can be as fast as 2-3 minutes with killing the portals.

Only a few players should stay behind to defend the void knight. In teams of 25, around 4-5 players should stay behind to defend the knight. While the others spread out evenly and destroy the portals.

If defending the void knight, try to ensure the gates stay closed for as long as possible. This will prevent melee based pests reaching the void knight. Whereas if you are out looking to destroy the portals, ensure you kill the spinners as fast as possible. As they will repair the portal, you can ignore it if there is 1-2 with a large number of players attacking the portal. Otherwise, its best to destroy them.

Monsters in the Pest Control Minigame

As previously mentioned you will face a number of monsters that must be killed. Below is a guide to each monster, how they attack and how to kill them.


The Torchers look like winged snakes, they attack with a magic based attack, aimed at both players and the Void knight. It is even possible for them to launch their magic based attacks over the walls/gates at the Void Knight.


The Splatter monsters are a type of self-destructing monster. They will approach barricades or fort doors and detonate themselves, dealing 5-24 damage to players, monsters and barricades in a 3×3 radius. The detonation and AoE damage will still occur if you kill them, so run away if attacking with melee.

osrs torcher and splatter
Torcher (left) & Splatter (right)


The Defiler is a powerful ranged based creature, like the torchers they can use very long ranged attacks. These attacks can be thrown over the gates and walls to deal large damage to the Void Knight.


The ravanger is a melee based unaggressive monster. They will tear down barricades and gates so it is important to kill them if protecting the Void Knight. When attacking them its recommended to pray protect from melee as they have strong and accurate attack.

Defiler and ravager osrs
Defiler (left) & Ravager (right)


The brawlers are the largest monster on the pest control island, they have the job of protecting the portals. Due to their big size they can also be used to block monsters. For example luring them to the void knight and using them to block the path of other attacking monsters.


Spinners are the main monsters involved in healing the portals. It is highly unlikely players will be able to out damage the healing affect of the spinners if there is more than one. However, if the portal is killed with spinners alive, they will explode and hit players in close proximity for 5 damage and poison them.

osrs Brawler and spinner
Brawler (left) & Spinner (right)


The reward points received for completing games of pest control successfully can be exchanged with the Squire at the Void Knights Outpost. The most sought after rewards is undoubtedly the void knight equipment and its elite variant upgrade. However, other rewards include experience in various skills and resource packs such as herb packs, mineral packs and seed packs.

The total cost for regular void equipment with all 3 helmets is 1250 points. An additional 400 points is needed to upgrade it to elite void with the hard western diary complete. Below you can see a breakdown of the required points.

osrs Cost for Void Equipment
Cost for Void Equipment