OSRS Pyramid Plunder Guide

The Pyramid Plunder minigame takes place in the desert city of Sophanem. The citys north-east pyramid is home to a Guardian Mummy, who players will need to speak with to begin this minigame.

This activity is focused on the Thieving skill, players have a total of five minutes to explore the different levels of the Jalsavrah Pyramid and plunder as much loot as they can in that time. There are a total of 8 floors, each unlocked every 10 levels, with the final floor unlocked at level 91 thieving.

How to get to Pyramid Plunder?

Pyramid Plunder takes place in the Jalsavrah Pyramid, which is found on the north-east side of Sophanem. To travel to the city of Sophanem use one of the following methods:

  • Pharaoh’s Sceptre teleport to Jalsavrah, this will teleport you directly to the Guardian Mummy where you can start the minigame.
  • Glory teleport to Al-Kharid, run south to Shantay Pass and use the magic carpet to Pollnivneach, then run to the southern Pollnivneach carpet and ride that one to Sophanem.
  • Nardah teleport and run south-west
  • Fairy ring A-K-P and run to Sophanem.
osrs pyramid plunder location
Pyramid Plunder Location

Gear Setup for Pyramid Plunder

osrs pyramid plunder gear setup

When picking a gear setup for Pyramid Plunder it is important to consider a few factors: prayer bonus, defence and weight. Additionally, as you can be poisoned in the Pyramid, the serpentine helmet is a great item to bring to negate this as it provides immunity. If you don’t have one then remember to bring an antidote++.

Fill your inventory with around 10 pieces of food (sharks/monkfish), 2-3 prayer pots and a few stamina potions. If you’re not using protect from melee on the monster, then you do not need prayer potions and the monks robes can be replaced with armour.

Guide to complete the minigame

The most effective strategy for this minigame is to immediately rush to the second to last room. Once there you can loot the earns in the two last rooms for the maximum amount of experience then leave and repeat the process. A simple step-by-step will look something like this:

  1. Travel to Jalsavrah Pyramid and speak to the Guardian Mummy to start the Pyramid Plunder minigame.
  2. Rush to the second highest tier room you have the thieving level for.
  3. Loot as many urns as possible and the chest.
  4. If the timer reaches the half-way mark, move to the final room.
  5. Loot every urn in the final room you have access to. Always leave the chest to last incase you receive a Pharaoh’s Sceptre as it will kick you from the minigame.
  6. After plundering teleport to PoH to use the ornate pool. Or a location such as Ferox Enclave to use the pools there if you don’t own an ornate pool. Only do this if you have a Pharaoh’s Sceptre to teleport back to Pyramid Plunder.
  7. Return to the Guardian Mummy and repeat.

What to expect in the rooms

In each room of the Pyramid you will encounter varies challenges or combatants. When inside of the rooms expect to see:

  • Urns – This is where the bulk of your thieving experience will come from. Looting urns in the highest tier room (and second highest) is how you get such high experience rates from this activity. You will occasionally find snakes inside of the earns, dealing small damage to you if you try to loot and poisoning you.
  • Spear Wall – As you enter a new room, you will usually find a spear wall blocking your entry to the main area of the room. Simply right-click and disable them to walk through freely.
  • Golden Chest – In the centre of the room players will find a large golden chest. It can be looted for thieving experience, artefacts and a chance at receiving a Pharaohs Sceptre. When opening the chests there is also a small chance a Scarab Swarm will spawn. They deal 0-1 damage every tick and can poison the player if no protection.
  • Sarcophagus – In each room you will find a Sarcophagus. Its advised to ignore these, as they give strength experience, not thieving. Additionally, the majority of the time they will spawn a level 84 mummy. If you are an ironman trying to get a Pharaoh’s Sceptre then it may be worthwhile opening these however, as they give a small chance at receiving the Sceptre.
  • Doors – There is a total of four shut doors, and a fifth door to immediately exit the Pyramid. Out of the four closed doors, only one of them will lead to the next room. The other three are essentially a trick, and will lead nowhere. There is no consequence for using the wrong door, only lost time. Its worth noting the correct door is the same for all players in that world. So, pairing up with others training thieving is valuable to increase your experience rates.

Pyramid Plunder experience rates

Pyramid Plunder is unlocked at level 21, but only really begins to excel at level 91+ thieving. At this point it is the fastest thieving experience in the game. Prior to level 91 Blackjacking Menaphite Thugs remains the best method from 65 onwards.

However, you can still achieve competitive thieving experience rates from level 71+. If you do not like the click intensive nature of blackjacking, then you can opt for Pyramid Plunder. The experience rates for 71 thieving and above are as follows:

  • Level 71-80 Thieving: 120k exp per hour.
  • Level 81-90 Thieving: 190k exp per hour.
  • Level 91-99 Thieving: 270k exp per hour.