OSRS Dragonfire Shield

The Dragonfire Shield (DFS) is one of Oldschool Runescapes most iconic items. Having been one of the best shields in the game since OSRS’s release. The DFS is an upgraded version of the anti-dragon shield, requiring a minimum of level 75 defence and dragon slayer I completed to equip it. Remember to charge the item fully (50 charges) to get the maximum defensive bonuses from the shield.

Dragonfire Shield Stats

Dragonfire Stats

How to make the Dragonfire Shield?

To create the Dragonfire Shield you will need a Draconic Visage and an anti-dragon shield. You can then combine the two together at any anvil if you have at least level 90 smithing. Alternatively, you can take the two items to Oziach, along with a payment of 1,250,000 coins and he will combine the two for you. The Draconic Visage can only be obtained from killing dragons, almost all adult dragons will drop the item, including skeletal wyverns. But, the most common place it is found is at the King Black Dragon, where the drop rate is slightly lower.

How to Charge the DFS?

To fully charge the shield you will need to absorb 50 dragonfire attacks from adult dragons or icy breath from wyverns. You can also use a vial of bottled dragonbreath on the shield to fully charge it instantly. Each charge will increase the overall defensive bonuses in ranged and melee by 1. So, it is important to keep the item fully charged as much as possible.

If charging the shield manually by tanking dragonfire or icy breath attacks, the best place to go is the Catacombs of Kourend. Run to the iron dragons and bronze dragons, this area is multi-combat meaning multiple of them will hit you at once. So, the amount of time it takes to get 50 charges is much faster here than any other area.

OSRS Charging the Dragonfire Shield
Charging the Dragonfire Shield

Uses for the Dragonfire Shield – where is it good?

The Dragonfire shield is a brilliant shield that has a variety of uses. Particularly, in situations where you need to maximise defensive stats, without giving away too much of your offensive capabilities. It is a far cheaper alternative to the Elysian Spirit Shield. Therefore it can be used at many of the same areas, such as the Inferno, Bandos, Armadyl and Dagannoth Kings. It can also prove a good shield at Vorkath due to its dragonfire protection, although the Dragonfire Ward is better.

Is the DFS worth it?

Yes, the dragonfire shield is a worthwhile investment into any players bank. Particularly because of its consistently low price. It doesn’t take a lot of time to save for this item, but, it provides a lot of variety in terms of where it can be used. A solid option for whenever you need a cheap defensive shield to use at different types of content.