OSRS Avernic Defender

The Avernic Defender is the strongest defender available in Oldschool Runescape. It requires a minimum of 70 attack and defence to equip and is worn in the shield slot. It’s defensive capabilities are similar to that of an adamant kiteshield. However, it provides the highest strength bonus of any item in the shield slot, one higher than the Dragonfire Shield. While also providing the highest melee accuracy bonuses.

Avernic Defender Stats

Avernic Defender stats osrs
Avernic Defender stats

How to get an Avernic Defender?

To create an avernic defender you will need to use a dragon defender on an avernic defender hilt. The hilt can only be obtained as a unique reward for completing the Theatre of Blood. While the Dragon Defender is an untradable reward, obtained in the warriors guild. You can see our guide on how to get a dragon defender here.

Uses for the Defender – where is it good?

The Avernic Defender is the best in slot defender. This means it is used almost everywhere you want to melee with a one-handed weapon. It is also important for special attack accuracy on the Dragon Warhammer. Whether it be general slayer training or high-level bossing this item is hugely important.

Is the Avernic worth it?

Yes, as the Avernic is a direct upgrade over the Dragon Defender. Meaning you’re always going to be doing a higher amount of damage with this upgrade. The main issue that you may want to consider is you can’t sell it back to afford big ticket upgrades like the Twisted Bow, Scythe of Vitur or Tumeken’s Shadow. For this reason it may be better to stick with the Dragon Defender until you have a substantially large bank value.

What happens when you dismantle the Avernic defender?

If you dismantle the Avernic Defender, you will lose the avernic attachment and be left with just a Dragon Defender. For this reason it is almost never worth dismantling the item. As the Avernic hilt will never be returned once used.