OSRS Eternal Boots

The Eternal boots are the best magic boots in OSRS. They require a minimum of level 75 magic and defence to equip. Offering the highest offensive magic bonuses of any item worn in the feet slot.

Eternal Boots Stats

OSRS Eternal Boots Stats
Eternal Boots Stats

How to make the Eternal Boots?

The Eternal Boots can be made by using a Eternal crystal on a pair of infinity boots. This requires level 60 magic and runecrafting to work and provides the player with 200 exp in each skill. In order to obtain an eternal crystal you will need to kill Cerberus and receive it as a rare drop. The infinity boots can be obtained from the mage training arena minigame.

Uses for Eternals – where are they good?

The Eternal Boots can be used in any situation where you are predominantly using magic-based attacks. This includes barrage tasks for slayer and bosses such as kraken where you only use magic damage.

However, of the three boots, the eternals are definitely the weakest and this is reflected in their price. They only offer a boost to magic accuracy rather than damage, in osrs magic accuracy is not very important. As almost all monsters have very low levels of magical defense, making the additional accuracy insignificant.

In any areas where you would be using hybrid strategies, incorporating all three or even two combat styles at once they are not very good. For instance at raids like Tombs of Amascut or Chambers of Xeric, where you use multiple attack styles but are tight on space.

You will find much more benefit in taking melee-based boots such as the Primordials. The Pegasians would take secondary priority in terms of boot rankings, with eternals being the least significant. Even if you can only afford dragon boots they are better to take to raids than eternals.

Are the Eternal Boots worth it?

No, the benefit eternals have in terms of a DPS boost is very limited. As accuracy is simply not important in the majority of magic-based combat interactions. However, they are generally a very cheap and affordable item to buy and are still one of the items that make the best mage gear setup available. So, if you have the money to spend then you can definitely go ahead and pick a pair up.