OSRS Cerberus Guide

Cerberus is a high level slayer boss in oldschool runescape. Requiring a hellhound slayer task with a slayer level of 91 before damage can be inflicted on him. In this OSRS Cerberus guide, we’ll look over some of the main factors influencing efficient methods to kill cerberus. Cerberus is most commonly killed for its rare drops. It is the only monster in the game to drop the Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal boots. All of which are required to make the best-in-slot boots for each respective combat style.

While the slayer exp is not efficient here, if you plan on being a future pet hunter it may be beneficial to kill Cerberus on your way to 99. This applies for all slayer bosses; Kraken, Thermy, Abyssal Sire, Grotesque Guardians and Alchemical Hydra.

How to get to Cerberus

Cerberus’ Lair is located in Taverley Dungeon. In the Hellhound area players will find a small opening that they can enter. To reach the Dungeon, the best method is to teleport to Falador. Then use the wall shortcut near the Falador West Bank. Then continue running west to the Dungeon entrance. Alternatively, you can relocate your player owned house to Taverley.

Players without 70 or 80 agility for the shortcuts within the Dungeon leading up to the Hellhounds area will need to bring a dusty key.

Cerberus Gear setups

Cerberus is typically killed efficiently with melee setups or ranged setups. Although, if you are using ranged, you will need a Twisted Bow in your setup, otherwise melee is the better choice. Below you can find example setups for each style, with different budgets.

Max Melee

OSRS Cerberus Max Melee Gear
Example Max Melee Setup

Max Ranged

OSRS Cerberus Max Ranged Gear
Example Max Ranged Setup

Budget Setup

OSRS Cerberus Beginner Gear
Example Budget Setup

How to kill Cerberus in OSRS

Cerberus is fairly easy to kill. Once attacking there are just a few attacks that Cerb can do that you will have to avoid. During the fight, Cerberus will make use of all three combat styles. Each of the styles can deal a maximum of 23 damage. But, can be prayed against to avoid all damage. The attacks are characterised as:

  • Melee – Cerb will bite the player, only when standing within melee range.
  • Ranged – Cerb will stand on its hind legs and fires a spiky ball at the player.
  • Mage – Cerb will lower its head and fire a smooth black ball.

Additionally, Cerberus has three special attacks that will occur through-out the fight. One is a triple attack, also, a lava attack and the third is a summoned souls attack.

Triple attack

  • This will always occur after Cerberus’ first attack. It will repeat after every ten attacks in its cycle.
  • She will use a magic attack, followed by a ranged and then finally a melee attack. These occur 2 ticks after each other and can be prayed against to negate all damage.

Lava Pools

  • When Cerberus falls below 200 hitpoints, she will howl (“Grrrrrrrrr” above her head) every fifth attack she does.
  • When this happens three lava pools will spawn. Two randomly placed, with the third being on the players current location.
  • The pools have 3×3 area of effect. They will deal rapid damage to the player if standing on top or nearby.
  • The pool targeted on the players location is instant when in melee distance, with a slight delay if you are out of melee distance. Therefore, it is important to anticipate the pools when using the melee setup.

Summoned Souls

  • Only begins when Cerberus falls below 400 hitpoints.
  • Attack is indicated by Cerberus yelling “Aaarrrooooo”. When this happens three ghosts will appear behind the skull.
  • Each attacks using a different combat style, based on their colour. They only attack from west to east.
    • Blue is mage
    • Red is melee
    • Green is ranged
  • Pray against the western one first, then the middle and finally the eastern ghost.
  • If the attack is not protected against, it will deal 30 damage.
  • If it is protected against correctly, instead, it will drain 30 prayer points.
    • The spectral spirit shield causes this to be reduced by 50%. So players only lose 15 prayer points for each attack.
OSRS Summoned Souls
Summoned Souls

Cerberus FAQs

Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions for people new to killing Cerberus in osrs.

What is Cerberus weak to?

Cerberus is weak to crush-based melee attacks. This is why our setup above maxed use of the inquisitor set and scythe (on crush).

Is Cerberus profitable?

Yes, in general Cerberus can be a very profitable boss. However, it relies on its unique drop table to make up the majority of players profit. With the primordial crystal being a rate of 1/512 and worth between 20 – 30m at any one time.