OSRS Best Magic Boots

Magic boots are an important part of any mage gear setup and knowing how to upgrade them is important to your overall account and magic gear progression. Mage boots provide a boost to your magic accuracy in many situations, while this is not as important as magic damage boosts, it can still be beneficial to create the best magic gear setups.

What are the Best Magic Boots?

  1. Eternal Boots
  2. Infinity Boots
  3. Bloodbark Boots
  4. Wizard Boots

1. Eternal Boots

The Eternal Boots are the best in slot boots for magic based combat. They provide the highest magic accuracy of any item in the boot slot, with a +8 magic attack bonus. They have high level requirements of level 75 magic and 75 defence to equip. Unlike the Primoridal and Pegasian boots, the Eternals are relatively cheap as they are the least useful of the three.

How to get the Eternal Boots?

Players will need to obtain an Eternal Crystal from killing Cerberus. Then with 60 Runecraft and Magic players can combine the crystal with the Infinity Boots to create the Eternals.

Combat Stats

osrs eternal boots stats
Eternal Boots Stats

2. Infinity Boots

The Infinity Boots are the second best mage boots in OSRS. With a magic attack bonus of +5, these boots require a minimum of level 50 magic and 25 defence to equip. They also have the second highest magical defence bonus of any boot in the game.

How to get Infinity Boots?

The boots are obtained by completing the Mage Training Arena minigame for points. The points can then be exchanged for items and rewards such as the infinity boots. To buy the infinity boots you will need 120 Telekinetic, 120 Alchemist, 120 Graveyard and 1,200 Enchantment points.

Combat Stats

osrs infinity boots stats
Infinity Boots Stats

3. Bloodbark Boots

Bloodbark boots are the 3rd strongest magic boot available. They provide 4+ magic attack bonus and require a minimum of level 60 magic and defence to equip. Unlike the two previous boots, the bloodbark is super affordable. Costing around 10k gold to buy or create.

How to get the Bloodbark Boots?

Players can craft bloodbark armour after reading the runescroll of bloodbark. The scroll is obtained from chests in the shade catacombs and crafting bloodbark boots requires 77 runecrafting. When you have the requirements use 100 blood runes on splitbark boots to create the bloodbark boots.

Combat Stats

osrs bloodbark boots stats
Bloodbark Boots Stats

4.Wizard Boots

The wizard boots are equally as strong as the Bloodbark boots, and also provide a +4 magic bonus. However, they have much lower requirements, with only 20 magic needed to equip these boots. Making them far more accessible to lower level players.

How to get the Wizard Boots?

The wizard boots are obtained exclusively from completing medium clue scrolls. They are obtained at the same rarity as the ranger boots (1/283.6).

Combat Stats

osrs wizard boots stats
Wizard Boots Stats

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