Best things to do on OSRS mobile

OSRS mobile has been out for many years now and there’s a variety of ways you can use it to benefit your accounts progression. Whether this be through AFK skilling, bossing, flipping on the Grand Exchange or a range of other activities. The important thing to know is there’s always a good option available.

Mobile is particularly useful for getting your gains in while you’re on the go. Maybe you have a super low intense job, that allows you to do some relatively AFK activities from your mobile. This article covers all the best things to do on mobile for OSRS.

AFK Skilling

Skills that have low levels of intensity are great for doing on your mobile. Particularly the gathering skills such as Woodcutting, Fishing and Mining. For example, chopping redwoods, fishing anglerfish or mining amethyst ore. This allows you to get skilling experience and progress through the levels passively. As you can do it while focusing primarily on something else.

Examples of skilling methods that you would want to include would be methods that require fast and accurate clicks. Methods like 3 tick granite mining would be significantly more difficult to maintain. Additionally, dangerous areas such as the Volcanic Mine, may be more challenging to maintain.

Low Intensity Bossing

Bossing is certainly more tricky to manage when on a mobile, especially if its a small mobile device. Therefore, we’d recommend staying away from anything intense, raids such as Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood will be significantly more challenging to manage on a mobile. If you do want to try it then maybe getting a tablet for OSRS, would be a good start.

Suitable bosses that would be easy to consistently do on a mobile include:

osrs bossing


If you’re someone who is actively involved in the flipping and/or merching community then OSRS on mobile can be extremely beneficial. As you no longer require a desktop to check in on your Grand Exchange offers.

This means you can get instant access from anywhere to check your buy and sell offers. Allowing you to update them more frequently and increase your overall profitability. It allows you to check and update far more offers through-out the entirety of the day or week.

Collecting Dailies

If you know you’re not able to log in via a desktop device on a specific day, that would normally mean you won’t be able to claim various daily rewards. However, with OSRS on mobile, you can now log in anywhere in the world and go collect your dailies. Whether this be the battlestaves from the Varrock Diary or going to manage miscellania.