OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide

The Fishing Trawler is a minigame centred around the Fishing skill. There are no requirements to play this minigame, however, to receive its rewards you will need at least level 15 fishing. The Trawler is mostly played for its unique rewards, mainly the Anglers Outfit, which is received at a rate of 1 in 12.

How to get to the Fishing Trawler?

The fishing trawler is located at Port Khazard, which is slightly north-east of the city of Yanille and south of Ardougne. Players can get there easily with one of the following methods:

  • Minigame teleport to Fishing Trawler (15+ fishing required).
  • Khazard Teleport if on Lunar Spellbook.
  • Fairy ring code to D-J-P then run south.
  • Ardougne cloak teleport to Monastery and run south.
  • Charter a ship to Port Khazard.
OSRS Port Khazard location
Port Khazard location

How to play the Fishing Trawler?

Before starting the minigame, make sure you have brough some swamp paste, rope, a bailing bucket, hammer and an axe. All of these items can be obtained from the Khazard General Store. Additionally, bailing buckets, hammers and bronze axes can be found on the top deck of the ship.

First to start the game you will need to board the ship north of Murphy and wait until it departs. Once it has departed there will be varies different scenarios occurring on the boat at any one time, each has its own solution, these scenarios and solutions are as follows:

  • Fix leaks on the boat with your swamp paste
  • If water fills the ship, use your bailing bucket to bail the water out.
  • Fight off any enormous tentacles from a kraken with a bronze axe
  • Repair the ships railings with a hammer if they take damage.
  • Repair the fishing nets with rope.

At the top of your screen you will notice a contribution meter, this prevents players from AFKing for the duration of the encounter. In order to receive rewards you will need to maintain the contribution meter. If your contribution meter is full at the end of each game you will receive 50% more fish and a greater chance of receiving the fishing pet. To get a chance of receiving angler pieces you must be at or above 50 points.

OSRS Fishing Trawler contribution points
Fishing Trawler contribution points