OSRS Inquisitor’s Mace

The Inquisitor’s Mace is a one-handed crush weapon. It can be obtained from killing the Nightmare or Phosani’s Nightmare and requires a minimum of 80 attack to equip. It’s bonuses are very similar to the Ghrazi Rapier and Blade of Saeldor. The main difference being that this is a crush weapon, however, it has the highest prayer bonus of the three weapons at +2.

Inquisitor’s Mace Stats

OSRS Inquisitor's Mace stats
Inquisitor’s Mace stats

Does the Mace have a special attack?

No, the Mace does not have a special attack.

Uses for the Mace – where is it good?

The Inquisitor’s Mace is a great weapon to use against monsters that are weak to crush attacks. As it provides the best crush damage per second of any 4 tick, one-handed crush weapon in the game right now. It is particularly useful at the following places:

OSRS Inquisitor's Mace attack animation

Is the Inquisitors Mace worth it?

Yes, the Inquisitors Mace is one of the best 4 tick, one handed melee weapons in the game. For that reason alone it is worth it, as this item can be used at a variety of places. However, it can be very expensive, as it is a hard item to obtain. With cheaper alternatives such as the Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Tentacle and even the Ghrazi Rapier, meaning there may be better options for players on a budget.