OSRS Sherlock

Sherlock is the master of clue scrolls, found wandering the woods near to the Sorcerers Tower. He is a prominent figure when completing elite clue scrolls and master clue scrolls. As players will often be told to talk with Sherlock as a clue scroll step. When speaking with Sherlock, he will assign the player a random task to complete in order to progress to the next clue step.

How to get to Sherlock

Sherlock can be found in the woods to the south of Camelot. The fastest methods of transportation to this area include:

  • Kandarin headgear 3 or 4 to teleport directly to Sherlock.
  • Fairy ring code B-L-R to the Legend’s Guild then run north.
  • Skills necklace teleport to the Fishing Guild and run east.
  • Combat Bracelet to the Ranging Guild and run east.
  • Camelot teleport or Seers’ Village teleport and run south.
OSRS Sherlock location
Sherlock location

Elite Clue Scroll Challenges

Below you can find a list of the different potential challenges Sherlock will assign you when completing Elite Clue Scrolls:

  • Equip a Dragon Scimitar (60 Attack and Completion of Monkey Madness required).
  • Enchant a piece of dragonstone jewellery (68 Magic required).
  • Craft a Nature rune (44 runecrafting required).
  • Catch a mottled eel with aerial fishing (73 Fishing and 68 Hunter required).
  • Score a goal in werewolf skullball (25 agility required).
  • Complete a lap of Ape Atoll Agility Course (48 agility & partial completion of Monkey Madness required).
  • Create a super defence potion (66 herblore required).
  • Steal from a chest in Ardougne Castle (72 thieving required).
  • Craft a green dragonhide body (63 crafting required).
  • String a yew longbow (70 fletching required).
  • Slay a dust devil (65 slayer required).
  • Catch a black warlock (45 hunter required).
  • Catch a red chinchompa (63 hunter & completion of Eagles’ Peak required).
  • Mine a mithril ore (55 mining required).
  • Smith a mithril 2h sword (64 smithing required).
  • Catch a raw shark (76 fishing required).
  • Cut a yew log (60 woodcutting required).
  • Fix a Dorgesh-Kaan magical lamp (52 firemaking and Death to the Dogeshuun quest complete required).
  • Burn a yew log (60 firemaking required).
  • Cook a swordfish (45 cooking required).
  • Craft multiple cosmic runes from a single essence (59 runecrafting and completion of lost city required).
  • Activate Chivalry prayer (65 defence, 60 prayer and Camelot training room completion required).
  • Take a tier 2 or higher shayzien armour set to the Lovakengj armourers (65 mining, 63 smithing and 40% Lovakengj favour required).

Master Clue Scroll Challenges

Below you can find a list of the different potential challenges Sherlock will assign you when completing Master Clue Scrolls:

  • Equip an abyssal whip in front of the abyssal demons of the Slayer Tower (70 attack and priest in peril completion required).
  • Smith a runite med helm (88 smithing required).
  • Teleport to a spirit tree you planted (83 farming and tree gnome village completion required).
  • Create a barrows teleport tablet (83 magic required).
  • Slay a Nechryael in the Slayer Tower (80 slayer required).
  • Kill a spiritual mage with a god item aligned with that mage (83 slayer and completion of troll stronghold required).
  • Create an unstrung dragonstone amulet at a furnace (80 crafting required).
  • Burn a magic log (75 firemaking required).
  • Burn a redwood log (90 firemaking required).
  • Complete a lap of Rellekka rooftop agility course whilst wearing the graceful outfit (80 agility required).
  • Mix an anti-venom potion (87 herblore required).
  • Mine a piece of runeite ore while wearing full prospector kit (85 mining required).
  • Steal a gem from the Ardougne market (75 thieving required).
  • Pickpocket an elf (85 thieving required).
  • Craft blood runes at the Blood Altar (100% Arceuus favour required).
  • Mix a ranging potion (80 herblore and herblore section of barbarian training complete required).
  • Fletch a rune dart (81 fletching and partial completion of tourist trap required).
  • Create a set of fiyr remains (80 firemaking and complete of Shades of Mort’ton required).
  • Dissect a sacred eel (87 fishing and 72 cooking required, with partial completion of Regicide quest).
  • Kill a lizardman Shaman.
  • Catch an Anglerfish while wearing the Anglers outfit (82 fishing required).
  • Chop a redwood while wearing the lumberjack outfit (90 woodcutting, completion of in Aid of the Myreque required).
  • Craft a light orb in the Dorgesh-Kaan bank (87 crafting and death to the dorgeshuun quest complete required).
  • Kill a reanimated abyssal (90 magic, 85 slayer and 60% Arceuus favour required).
  • Kill a fiyr shade inside the Mort’ton catacombs (65 firemaking and completed the Shadoes of Mort’ton quest required).