Pets are a type of non-player character in OSRS, they will follow the player around the game. They have very limited uses, if any, but do provide a cool way to show off to your friends. They’re a great end game goal to have for a lot of players. Having all of the pets in the game is often seen as one of the most challenging and prestigious achievements to complete in OSRS.

What do Pets do?

Pets have no real functionality in terms of any advantages to the player. They are purely a fun cosmetic type feature, where players can have the pet follow them around the game. For many it is a show of accomplishment and achievement, that they’ve been able to put enough effort and hours into obtaining a specific pet.

How to obtain Pets in OSRS?

There are a range of different methods used to obtain various different types of pets in OSRS. The most popular types of pets are skilling and bossing pets. These can be obtained by doing the type of content the pet represents. For example, players will need to kill bandos for the bandos pet, while players will need to train fishing to get the heron pet.

Each pet has its own drop rate, which is unique to the pet. For skilling pets this can vary based on the type of method you are using. Additionally, there are some miscellaneous pets obtained from quests or unique activities like Barbarian Assault, Soul Wars, Master Clue Scrolls and more. All of these sources for OSRS pets can be found later on in this post.

How to insure your Pets?

Previously, pets would need to be insured at Probita, for a fee of 1,000,000 coins. This is no longer the case, Jagex decided to update this and now every pet is automatically insured upon receiving it.

However, if you die with your pet following you, then to retrieve the lost pet you will need to return to Probita. You can then speak to her and get your desired pet back for a fee of 1,000,000 coins. Additionally, if you obtain a duplicate pet that you already have, then you will obtain a free reclaim token for Probita.

List of all Pets

Boss Pets

PetSourceAverage Drop Rate
Abyssal OrphanAbyssal Sire1/2,560
Baby MoleGiant Mole1/3,000
Callisto CubCallisto & Artio1/2,000 from Callisto1/2,800 from Artio
Ikkle HydraAlchemical Hydra1/3,000
Jai-nib-rekTzKal-Zuk1/100 or 1/75 on a slayer task
Kalphite PrincessKalphite Queen1/3,000
Lil’zikTheatre of Blood1/650 (deathless)
Little NightmareNightmare & Phosani’s Nightmare1/800 – 1/4,000 from Nightmare1/1,400 from Phosani
MuphinPhantom Muspah1/2,500
NoonGrotesque Guardian1/3,000
OlmletChambers of Xeric1/53
Pet Chaos ElementalChaos Elemental1/300
Pet Dagannoth RexDagannoth Rex1/5,000
Pet Dagannoth PrimeDagannoth Prime1/5,000
Pet Dagannoth SupremeDagannoth Supreme1/5,000
Pet Dark CoreCorporeal Beast1/5,000
Pet General GraardorGeneral Graardor1/5,000
Pet K’ril TsutsarothK’ril Tsutsaroth1/5,000
Pet KrakenKraken1/3,000
Pet Kree’arraKree’arra1/5,000
Pet Smoke DevilThermonuclear Smoke Devil1/3,000
Pet SnakelingZulrah1/4,000
Pet ZilyanaCommander Zilyana1/5,000
Prince Black DragonKing Black Dragon1/3,000
Scorpia’s OffspringScorpia1/2,016
Tzrek-jadJad1/200 or 1/100 on a slayer task
Venenatis SpiderlingVenenatis & Spindel1/2,000 from Venenatis1/2,800 from Spindel
Vet’ion Jr.Vet’ion & Calvarion1/2,000 from Vet’ion1/2,800 from Calvarion
YoungliefThe Gauntlet & The Corrupted Gauntlet1/800 from Corrupted Gauntlet1/2,000 from Gauntlet

Skilling Pets

Abyssal ProtectorGuardians of the Rift minigame
Baby ChinchompaHunting Chinchompas
BeaverWoodcutting training
Giant SquirrelAgility training
HeronFishing training
Rift GuardianRunecraft training
Rock GolemMining training
RockyThieving training
TanglerootFarming training
Tiny TemporTempoross

Miscellaneous pets

Eek2018 Halloween Event
BloodhoundMaster Clue Scroll rewards
CatGertrude’s Cat quest
Chompy ChickElite Western Diary complete and catching chompy chicks
HellcatCatch hell-rats with a normal cat
Lil’creatorSoul Wars
Pet FishCatch in Harry’s Fishing Shop
Pet Penance QueenBarbarian Assault
Pet RockObtained during Fremennik Trials quest
Toy CatCreated on the PoH crafting table