OSRS Fly Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing is a method of catching low level fish in OSRS. It is predominantly used as a low-level method of training fishing. Although, remains the best route to 99 fishing in the f2p worlds. Players will catch Trout and Salmon when they have the levels needed to catch them.

How to Fly Fish for Salmon and Trout?

Players will need to obtain a Fly Fishing Rod and feathers. The feathers are used as a type of fishing bait, both of these items can be obtained from fishing shops around osrs. The best location to get them would be at Gerrant’s Fishy Business shop in Port Sarim, as this is a free to play location.

OSRS Fly Fishing Port Sarim

Best spots for Fly Fishing

The most popular spot for fly fishing is definitely at Barbadian Village. It is easily accessible, thanks to nearby teleports (Varrock/Edgeville) and you can fish here in F2P worlds.

Additionally, there is a nearby fire that is ever-burning. Making it a good option for ironmen or people with low cooking to train both skills.

Fly Fishing spot closest to a bank

Shilo Village has the fly fishing spots closest to a bank. However, it is advised that you drop the food in most instances, as it is far faster than banking and Trout/Salmon is extremely low value. Even for ironmen there are usually better sources of food available in the long-term.

OSRS Shilo Village Fly Fishing

How much experience per hour Fly Fishing?

Players can expect around 30,000 experience per hour when starting fly fishing. Scaling up to 50,000+ per hour at higher levels. Additionally, if you make use of tick manipulation techniques you can get up to 65,000 fishing exp per hour.