OSRS Giants Foundry Guide

The Giants Foundry is a smithing training mini-game in Oldschool Runescape. The mini-game can only be played after completion of the Sleeping Giants Quest. It is currently the only way to obtain the Smiths outfit in game. Which is an experience boosting set of equipment for the Smithing skill.

How to get to Giants Foundry

The Giants’ Foundry can be found below the Giants Plateau. Some of the fastest methods of transportation to the area include:

  • Giants’ Foundry mini-game teleport directly to the entrance.
  • Al-Kharid teleport on a glory amulet and run east.
  • Ring of duelling teleport to the Duel Arena and run south-east.
osrs Giants Foundry location
Giants Foundry location

Recommended Gear Setup

The smiths uniform is obtainable only from this minigame but is very important for increasing experience rates. As with the full set it will grant bonus progress on each machine tick. This works out at approximately a 15% smithing experience boost during the minigame. The smiths gloves can also be combined with ice gloves.

In unoccupied slots the graceful outfit can be worn. It can also be worn before you gain access to the smiths outfit. Although, it is unlikely you will run out of run energy, even with low agility.

osrs Giants Foundry gear setup
Giants Foundry gear setup

How to play Giants Foundry

Setup process

To participate in the forging process, players must obtain a commission from Kovac and follow several steps. Firstly, they need to set the mould and fill the crucible with metal bars or items that can be made using the Smithing skill and have a value of at least 2 bars. However, certain items such as black/white equipment, dragon equipment, and trimmed armour sets cannot be used. A bank chest is available nearby for convenience.

Each commission specifies the characteristics of the blade to be made, such as “narrow” and “spiked.” Players must choose a mould from Kovac’s Mould Library that matches the description as closely as possible to achieve the highest quality sword. The quality of the sword will depend on the type of metal selected, rather than the accuracy of the match.

Once the mould is set, players must fill the crucible, which can hold up to 28 standard metal bars. Metal weapons and armour can also be used but will be worth one bar less than it takes to create them. Any excess metal will be destroyed if the crucible is overloaded, and players can empty the crucible if they make a mistake, but this will destroy all the metal inside.

osrs giants foundry Mould Interface
Mould Interface

When the crucible is filled, players can pour the molten metal into the mould. It’s important to note that a new preform cannot be poured if another one is still incomplete. The difficulty of forging the sword depends on the metal’s tier, and the temperature must be regulated more precisely for higher-tier metals. Swords made from an alloy produce the best results.

Players cannot cancel a commission once accepted and must either complete the preform or ruin it before handing it in to Kovac.

The Refinement Process

During this stage you will need to shape your raw preform into a Giants Sword. To do this you will have a range of tools available to help. They are as follows:

  • Trip hammer – which is used to smooth out imperfections on the sword blade. This tool can only be used when the sword is hot. When used, the sword gains 2% progress every 5th tick, but also cools down by 2.5% with each use.
  • Polishing Wheel – To utilize this tool that enhances the appearance of the sword by polishing it to a shiny finish, the sword needs to be cooled down to a Cold Temperature. Using this tool will add 1% progress to the sword every 2nd tick and decrease its temperature by 1.7%.
  • Grindstone – To grind out the sword’s edge and smooth it, the sword needs to be at a medium temperature. With every second tick, the sword gains 1% progress and heats up by 1.5%.
  • Preform Storage – When you need to take a break from refining the preform for any reason, you can put it in the storage area provided. This will maintain the same level of progress and heat from the moment it is placed until you pick it up again. You are free to leave the Foundry and come back anytime.
  • Lava Pool – Dip the sword in this pool to make sure it is hot enough to use specific tools. The “heat-preform” option will heat the preform at a slow rate, whereas “dunk preform” will heat it at a much faster rate.
  • Waterfall – Will cool your sword down to ensure specific tools can be used. The “cool-preform” option will cool it at a slow rate, whereas “Quench-preform” will cool at a much faster rate.

To complete the sword, use the correct tool at the appropriate temperature until it reaches 100% completion. Each successful use of a machine rewards a small amount of Smithing experience, except for the waterfall and lava pool. The in-game HUD shows which tool to use at which temperature range, with a white border indicating the correct range for temperature and progress.

Using the wrong tool or using the right tool at the wrong temperature damages the sword and reduces its quality. If the quality drops to 0, players must give the sword to Kovac and start over. Quality cannot be regained.

The refinement HUD occasionally displays a yellow/gold border, indicating a sweet spot for about 6 seconds. Clicking the machine during this time changes the border to green and results in a significant progress boost around 5%, on the next tick, provided the correct tool and temperature are still observed. The sweet spot can push progress into the next section, requiring a new tool. Missing a sweet spot still counts towards the limit, and they are limited to a certain number of times per sword.

These progress bonuses are usually evenly distributed across the refinement progress, appearing once per section. However, this is not always the case.

Finishing up

Upon reaching 100% completion without damaging the sword, players can turn it in to Kovac for rewards. The rewards include a lump sum of Smithing experience, coins, and foundry reputation, as well as the restoration of 50% of the player’s run energy. The quality of the sword affects the amount of rewards received, with higher quality swords providing greater rewards. The gold reward is automatically deposited into the player’s bank, and a chat message confirms the amount, along with the total number of swords produced so far.

Once complete, you can immediately be issued a new commission and essentially restart the minigame.

Experience Rates

With this smithing training method it is possible to reach experience rates as high as 253k per hour using the Adamantite/Runite alloys. Even when starting out at Bronze/Iron you can get very competitive rates of up to 98k smithing exp per hour. The full breakdown for all of the experience rates can be seen in the table below.

osrs Experience rates for Giants Foundry
Experience rates for Giants Foundry


When using the Giants Foundry long-term for smithing experience you will want to set getting the smiths outfit as your main priority. Due to its ability to rapidly increase smithing exp by up to 15%. The cost of the set is 15,000 foundry reputation points in total.

Other rewards are also on offer such as the Colossal Blade, Double Ammo Mould and more. All of which can be seen in the table below.

osrs Giants Foundry Rewards
Giants Foundry Rewards