OSRS Best Way to get Fossils

In order to complete the Varrock Museum, you will need on average, a total of 55 unidentified large fossils. In order to get 25 plant fossils and 25 identified large fossils, 60 unidentified medium fossils and 70 small fossils. The rate-limiting step is the unidentified large fossil. Players should get the medium and small while aiming for the large fossils. This article shows the best methods to obtain these fossils and gain Kudos to complete the Varrock Museum.

Fastest way to obtain Fossils

osrs Sulliuscep

Cutting Sulliusceps is the fastest method of obtaining Fossils on Fossil Island. The drop rate for a fossil using this method is 5/875. The higher your woodcutting level, the faster you will be able to obtain fossils from this method. Although, it will remain the fastest method regardless of your level.

At level 80 woodcutting players can expect 3.4 fossils per hour. With an average of 16.3 hours for 55 large fossils. At level 90 woodcutting players can expect 4.3 fossils per hour. With an average of 12.9 hours for 55 large fossils.

If using this method be sure to check out our Sulliusceps Guide.

Alternative Methods to obtain fossils

Volcanic Mine

The Volcanic Mine can be a good alternative method for obtaining fossils. As it is already one of the best mining training methods. Therefore, it can be time efficient to gather your fossils using this method.

For 55 Large fossils it will take an average of 41 hours to obtain from Volcanic Mine. With players receiving an average of 1.3 fossils per hour.


osrs Herbiboar

Another strong alternative is Herbiboar, again it takes significantly longer than Sulliusceps. However, Herbiboar remains one of the best and most popular hunter training methods. So, if you plan on using this method for hunter, or going after the Herbiboar pet then it can be worth doing.

On average it will take 52.9 hours to obtain 55 large fossils with this method. Obtaining an average of just under 1 fossil per hour.

Ammonite Crabs

osrs Ammonite Crabs

The Ammonite Crabs found on Fossil Island are considerably slower. They are not recommended as a method to obtain fossils. But, we do understand that they are popular, due to them being one of the best afk methods for combat training.

It will take players an average of 99 hours to obtain 55 large fossils with this strategy. Achieving an average of around 0.6 large fossils per hour.