OSRS Smithing Training Guide

Smithing is predominately a buy-able skill to train in 2007scape osrs. Making it possible to gain very high experience rates if you have money to spend. This guide will show you the fastest way to train the skill, along with some less expensive, alternative methods.

Fastest OSRS Smithing methods

Below is the fastest route to 99 Smithing.

Questing: level 1 – 39

Getting through the early levels in the most efficient way is definitely done through completing quests. To reach level 39 you will need to complete the following quests:

  • The Knight’s Sword
  • Freeing Pirate Pete (Recipe for Disaster subquest)
  • Heroes’ Quest
  • Sleeping Giants
  • Elemental Workshop I & II
  • The giant Dwarf

After completing each of these quests you will only need to make a total of 2 iron plate bodies to reach level 40.

Anvil Smithing: Level 1 – 40

Alternatively, if you wish to only complete a certain amount of the quests in the list then you can opt for Anvil smithing for the remaining experience.

Smith at the anvil south of Varrock west bank to minimise time spent running to and from the bank. Players should also smith the highest-tier items to optimise exp per hour. Below you can find a route from 1 to 40 smithing via the Anvil.

anvil smithing exp rates
Anvil Smithing Experience Rates

Gold Bars (Blast Furnace): level 40 – 99

Players must have started the Giant Dwarf quest to access Keldagrim where the Blast Furnace is located. Once at the blast furnace players can expect to gain around 380,000 experience per hour at maximum efficiency. The activity involves placing gold ore onto a conveyor belt where they will enter a furnace and be smelted into bars.

For this method you will need to have completed the Family Crest quest, and have acquired the goldsmith gauntlets. When equipped they increase the experience per gold bar from 22.5 to 56.2.

Ice gloves are also highly recommended, in order to obtain these, players will need at least level 50 in the mining skill and to kill the Ice Queen. Finally, stamina pots are also strongly recommended to help achieve the most optimal experience rates.

Alternative Smithing Methods

If you want a cheaper alternative to training the smithing skill in osrs then we have some below. There is also some viable methods below that are less click intensive than the likes of blast furnace.

Smithing Dart Tips: level 20 – 99

Smithing Dart Tips is very slow, but benefits from super minimal amounts of attention being required. Additionally, the method usually breaks even or produces small amounts of profit, depending on current grand exchange prices.

The Tourist Trap quest is required to smith darts. Average experience rates can be found below.

osrs smithing dart tip exp rates
Dart Tip Exp/Hour

Superheat Item: level 43 – 99

At level 43 players unlock the spell Superheat Item on the standard spellbook. This provides slow rates of smithing experience, but can be a useful magic training method. Players can expect around 130k magic exp and 56k smithing exp with gold ore (Goldsmith Gauntlets).

Anvil Armour Smithing: level 48 – 99

Traditional methods of Smithing training in osrs such as armour are still viable. Smithing the highest-tier platebody available to the player provides some of the most optimal smithing experience.

Below you can find experience rates for each.

OSRS Smithing Platebodies
Platebodies Exp/Hour

Giants Foundry Minigame: level 81 – 99

The Giants Foundry minigame can be started as early as level 15, and provides experience rates slightly below 100k per hour. However, at level 81, due to optimal moulds being unlocked, the minigame becomes more competitive in terms of its experience rates. With around 165k+ per hour at 81 smithing.

The minigame is somewhat interactive so could provide a more ‘fun’ route to 99. Additionally, there is small profits to be made, reducing the cost from traditional methods such as blast furnace or anvil smithing.