OSRS Guardians of the Rift Guide

The Guardians of the Rift is a minigame that occurs within the Temple of the Eye after you have completed the quest. The objective is to help the Great Guardian close an abyssal rift by providing him a range of guardian stones and protecting him from abyssal monsters that enter the area through the rift. The game is Runecrafting focused, but also has aspects of Mining and Crafting through-out.


  • Completed the Temple of the Eye Quest
  • 27 Runecrafting

How to get to the Guardians of the Rift?

The minigame can be found in the basement of the Wizards’ Tower, which is just south of Draynor Village. Players can get to the area by the following methods:

  • Amulet of the Eye teleport
  • Grouping teleport to Guardians of the Rift
  • Necklace of Passage to the Wizards Tower
  • Fairy ring D-I-S directly to Wizards Tower
  • Amulet of Glory teleport to Draynor Village and run south
  • Lumbridge Teleport and run west
Guardians of the Rift location
Guardians of the Rift location

How to play Guardians of the Rift

Grab a weak cell and 5-10 uncharged cells before the start of the round. Then follow this step-by-step;

  1. Create barriers or a Guardian if necessary
  2. Run down east slope towards the large remains
  3. Mine 140 to 180 fragments
  4. Craft essence until the second altar, then use an altar
  5. Enter the portal and mine till your maximum
  6. Redeem stones and charged cell
  7. Use an altar, redeem stones/cells and deposit your runes
  8. Craft 40 essence and use another altar.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 until the end of the round

Use NPC contact between the rounds to repair your pouches when required.