OSRS Imbued God Cape

The Imbued God Capes are the best in slot cape for magic. There are three types of God Capes these are; Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak. All three of the capes are identical in terms of their stats, the only difference is their appearance and their God Wars Dungeon protection.

Imbued God Cape Stats

osrs Imbued Cape Stats
Imbued Cape Stats

How do you get Imbued God Capes?

Players can imbue a normal god cape to create the imbued version during the Mage Arena II miniquest. For this you will need 75 Magic and the original god cape you want to upgrade. You will also need to collect a Justiciar Hand, Ent’s Roots and a Demon’s Heart during the miniquest. You can check out our Mage Arena II guide here.

How do you fix a broken god cape?

If you die below level 20 wilderness with an imbued god cape it will be broken. To fix the broken item you will need to take it to perdu and pay a fee of 75,000 coins to fix it. Perdu can be found at Lumbridge, Catherby, Edgeville, Falador and the Ferox Enclave.

Uses for the Imbued God Cape – where are they good?

An imbued god cape is useful at a variety of different content. Wherever you will be doing significant amounts of magic damage you will want to bring this item. As it provides an increase in your magic damage (max hits), leading to faster kills and experience or profit per hour. Examples of useful places for this item include:

Are the Imbued God Capes worth it?

Yes, these cape imbues are an essential upgrade and you should get it as soon as you possibly can. They provide a best in slot mage gear item that is completely free to obtain. Allowing you to boost your damage and kill times at various different content around the game.