OSRS Herbiboar Guide

Herbiboar is a type of hunter training activity that requires level 80 hunter and level 31 herblore. Players will need to have completed the quest Bone Voyage, for access to Fossil Island, where the Hebiboar is found. The aim is to track down the Herbiboar by following its footsteps around the Fossil Island. When the Herbiboar is finally found it will appear out of its hole stunned. Players can then use secateurs (or magic secateurs) to collect between one and three herbs.

Using magic secateurs will always yield an additional herb, but with no additional herblore experience. Furthermore, the type of herb received relates to your herblore level, the higher the better.

Where to start catch the Herbiboar in OSRS?

Herbiboar hunting takes place on Fossil Island. In total there are 5 locations where you can start tracking the Herbiboar on the island. These have all been highlighted with a yellow box in the image below. The fastest methods to reach Fossil Island include:

  • Digsite pendant to Fossil Island.
  • Digsite teleport and use the barge to travel to Fossil Island.
  • Run to the Digsite from Varrock and use the barge.
osrs Herbiboar starting locations
Herbiboar starting locations

Step by Step Guide to Catching Herbiboars

  1. Inspect a rock, log or mushroom near the hunter icon on the mini-map.
  2. Follow the tracks.
  3. Inspect seaweed, rocks, muddy patches or mushrooms around the area to find more tracks.
  4. Finally you will be lead to a tunnel, attack the tunnel.
  5. When the Herbiboar appear harvest it.
  6. Repeat the process by returning to one of the 5 starting points.

There is a chance you can fail during the tracking process. If this happens simply return to one of the start points and go again.

The herb sack is highly recommended to ensure your trips last longer if banking the herbs you receive. Additionally, stamina potions are almost a necessity here, due to the large amount of time spent running. The Graceful outfit and ring of endurance are also very beneficial for this same reason.

Herbi Experience Rates

At level 80 hunter, players can expect around 115,000 to 128,000 hunter experience per hour when focusing. With every level you gain the amount of hunter experience each Herbiboar provides will increase by 30 up until level 94, then a further 15 exp from each level between 95 and 99. For example, at level 80 each herbiboar caught will grant 1950 experience and level 81 will give 1980 experience.

osrs Herbiboar experience rates per hour
Herbiboar experience rates per hour