OSRS Herb Sack

The Herb Sack is a storage item for herbs, it has the ability to store up to 30 of each grimy herb. So, in total the sack can store up to 420 herbs at once, although, cleaned herbs can not be stored in the sack. A minimum of level 58 herblore is required to purchase a herb sack.

You can manually fill the sack by using herbs on the sack. Alternatively, you can toggle an option to automatically deposit grimy herbs that are picked up into the sack. This works for herbs harvested from herb patches and the Herbiboar.

OSRS Herb Sack
Herb Sack

How to get the Herb Sack?

The herb sack is an untradeable item and is only obtainable as a reward from slayer masters or the Tithe Farm minigame. Players can buy the sack from any slayer master’s reward shop for 750 slayer points. Alternatively, it can be bought from Farmer Gricoller’s reward shop for 250 Tithe Farm points.

Uses for the Herb Sack – where is it good?

The herb sack has a wide variety of uses and implications for the game. It is most frequently used for killing monsters that drop a high volume of valuable herbs. But, also has skilling implications. Some of the most popular uses include:

Is the Herb Sack worth it?

Yes, the herb sack is a worthwhile investment for any player. However, it should be lower down in the list of priorities compared to other unlocks. It provides convenience, but is not an essential item. Therefore, it should unlocked after you’ve already unlocked higher priority items with your points, such as the Slayer Helmet and Rune Pouch.

How long does Herb Sack take to obtain from Tithe Farm?

On average it should take between 4 and 5 hours of efficient gameplay at the Tithe Farm to have enough points to unlock the Herb Sack.