OSRS Bandos Godsword

The Bandos Godsword (BGS) is a type of Godsword in Oldschool Runescape. In total there are five different types of Godswords, each received from their respective God Wars Dungeon boss. The Bandos Godsword is created by combining the bandos hilt with the three godsword shards. The hilt is dropped exclusively by General Graardor.

Players can obtain a bandos godsword ornament kit from completing master clue scrolls. This can be attached to the sword to altar its appearance.

Bandos Godsword Stats

osrs Bandos Godsword stats
Bandos Godsword stats

BGS Special Attack

The special attack for this weapon drains 50% of your special attack energy. The special attack will do an additional 21% damage over the standard max hit. Additionally, the opponents combat levels will be drained at a 1:1 ratio with the damage dealt. The priority in terms of what stat gets drained first is as follows: Defence, Strength, Prayer, Attack, Magic, Ranged.

osrs bgs special attack
BGS Special Attack

For Example, if you were to land 55 damage on an npc with 30 in all combat stats. You would drain its defence by 30 and its strength by 25 levels respectively. Meaning the opponent would be left with a remaining defence level of 0 and a strength level of 5.

The only exception to this is at tekton. If you miss and roll a 0 at tekton, he will still be drained by 10 combat levels.

Bandos Godsword Vs Dragon Warhammer

There is a lot of debate about which of the two defence reducing special attack weapons are the best.

However, the Dragon Warhammer is typically better against monsters with very high defence, since it deals a percentage (30%) rather than a flat number based on damage. So, for instances like the Melee hand in Olms Challenge Mode CoX raids the dragon warhammer wins as this normally has a defence level of around 270.

On the other hand, the Bandos Godsword is better for lowering defence levels close to 0 defence. As when the total defence gets below 100, the DWH becomes less impressive.

It is best to use them together for maximum efficiency, particularly in instances such as team raids. For example, if 1-2 people use their dragon warhammers on a high defence target, followed by another 1-2 people using their bandos godswords. After this it can result in getting the monster down to 0 defence or close enough to it.

Is the Bandos Godsword worth it?

Yes, the Bandos Godsword is a very important item at a number of monsters around OSRS. Lowering the defence of NPCs is something that is very important for overall efficiency and lowering the time to kill. Additionally, it holds a relatively stable and cheap price point of around 15-25m gold. This means it should be a first choice special attack item in any serious pvmer’s bank.

Bandos Godsword uses – where is it good?

This item is a great option for a special attack item at almost any high-level bossing encounter. As you will find most bosses have some form of defence that can benefit from being lowered. Some of the most obvious uses are as follows: