OSRS Holy Wrench

The Holy Wrench is a reward given to players for completing the Rum Deal quest. The item provides a boost to prayer points gained from consuming a dose of prayer potion, prayer mix, super restore or sanfew serum. The rate of additional pray restoration is around 2% of your prayer points. For example, players with 99 prayer will get 2 additional prayer points per sip with the Holy Wrench.

OSRS Holy Wrench
Holy Wrench

Uses for the Holy Wrench – where is it good?

The holy wrench can be used in a number of situations. It is most useful when you are concerned with conserving your supplies. Whether you be on a tight budget and want to minimise supply costs or maybe you are an ironman not wanting to waste potions.

However, the Wrench does not always give additional prayer points. Especially at very low levels so it is worth checking in game if it actually provides a boost on each sip.

Is the Holy Wrench worth it?

Yes, the Holy Wrench is a free untradeable reward. We highly recommend players collect as many useful untradeable as they can, as its important for account progression. The Holy Wrench is in general a niche item, but, it definitely has its uses. It is especially good for ironmen or players with a low bank value as it stretches your supplies out longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most popular questions by real OSRS players when it comes to the Holy Wrench.

How to get Holy Wrench back?

If lost, it can be reobtained by talking to Davey on Braindeath Island. He will only give you one if you do not have one in your bank or inventory.

Does the Max Cape work as a Holy Wrench?

Yes, both the Max Cape and Prayer Cape work as a holy wrench when equipped or in the inventory.

Is the Holy Wrench good for slayer?

The Holy Wrench is very good for slayer tasks that you will be using a lot of prayers for. It’s ability to conserve prayer potion and/or super restore usage is useful for two reasons. Firstly, it helps you save money on supply cost and secondly it allows your trips to last longer.

Combining with the Ring of the Gods

The holy wrench can be used to create an imbued version of the Ring of the Gods, along with 650,000 Nightmare Zone points or 260 Soul Wars tokens.