OSRS Soul Wars Guide

Soul Wars is a type of members-only minigame that involves player-verses-player combat between two teams. The opposing teams will compete against one another, to offer soul fragments to the Soul Obelisk. This weakens the obelisk until it can the teams Avatars can be defeated through combat.

How to get to Soul Wars?

Soul Wars can be entered via the portals at Edgeville and the Ferox Enclave dungeon. Players can follow some of the methods below to reach the area quickly:

  • Soul Wars minigame teleport
  • Amulet of glory to the Edgeville bank and use the portal
  • Combat Bracelet to Monastery and run to edgeville portal
  • Fairy Ring code B-J-R to the northern side of Soul Wars island
  • Ring of Dueling to Ferox Enclave and use the portal in the dungeon.
OSRS Soul Wars location
Soul Wars location

Official worlds to play

You can host or join a game of Soul Wars on any world. However, if you don’t already have a pre-formed group of players to play with, then you’ll want to go to one of the official worlds. Currently Soul Wars official worlds are; world 320, world 350 and world 535. These will all be tagged with Soul Wars in the world hopper menu.

How to play Soul Wars in OSRS

To take part in a game of soul wars you will need a minimum of level 40 combat and 500 total level. Join a team after completing the tutorial with Nomad. Be sure not to bring any restricted items such as food, potions, capes, pets and non-combat items. You also can not be poisoned, venomed or diseased. Each team must have at least 10 players for a game to start, so go to the official worlds if necessary.

Starting out

When you spawn into the Soul Wars map you will have an assigned base camp dependant on your team. This will count as your respawn area and destination. In the base you will also find your avatar and an area to gather supplies. The supply area contains bandages, barricades, potions of power and explosive potions.


Your avatar is largely what will make or break your teams performance. As the team with the most avatar kills will win the minigame. Therefore, your team should work together to defend your own avatar from attackers, while other team members push through to attack the enemies avatar.

Weakening an opponents Avatar

In the center of the Island you’ll be able to locate the Soul Obelisk. This is very important for weakening your opponents avatar. To take control of the obelisk, you must have more of your teams players near it than the opposing team. You can then add soul fragments to the obelisk, this will weaken your opponents avatar as you do so.

If you control the obelisk the fragments will have a large effect than if you are not controlling the obelisk. Additionally, soul fragments can be obtained by killing creatures on the island. They can also be obtained by killing players who have fragments on them.


There are two capturable graveyards on the island. Similarly to the obelisk, these are captured by having more players in the area than the opposing team. When captured these graveyards can be used as an additional respawn point when you die.

Furthermore, you can strengthen your avatar by burying bones inside of the captured graveyards. These bones can be obtained from creatures on the island or killing opposing team members. Again, these bones have more benefit if you are controlling the graveyard as opposed to not controlling it.


There are a number of different supplies in soul wars that are as follows:

  • Bandages: Will heal you for some of your hit points, restore run and cure poison
  • Barricades: Can be used to block enemies from the area. Each player can only take one at a time and only ten can be used at any one time by your team.
  • Potions of Power: Can be used to boost your combat abilities and restore your prayer.
  • Explosive Potions: Can be used to instantly destroy an opponents barricade.

Soul Wars Rewards Shop

If you have been active through-out the game then you will be rewarded with Zeal Tokens, based on your teams performance. The winning team will earn 60 Zeal tokens, while the losing team earns 40. However, a draw can happen, in this instance each team earns 50 zeal.

Zeal Tokens can be exchanged by speaking to Nomad. Rewards include soul wars capes, blighted items, equipment imbues and more.