OSRS Tithe Farm Guide

The Tithe Farm is a minigame centred around the Farming skill and can be played in Hosidius. The objective of the minigame is to plant special seeds in the various farming patches. Waiting for the patch to grow before harvesting and depositing the produce into the deposit sacks. The tithe farm minigame provides rewards, most notably the Farmer’s Outfit.

How to get to the Tithe Farm?

Tithe farm is found in the Kingdom of Kourend, more specifically in the Hosidius region. The minigame is located in the south-east section of Hosidius. It can be found on the mini-map highlighted with a minigame icon as shown in the image below. The fastest methods of transportation to the area include:

  • Minigame teleport directly to Tithe Farm.
  • PoH teleport to Hosidius if your house is here or you have 99 Construction.
  • Xeric’s Talisman to Xeric’s Glade and run south-east.
  • Kharedst’s Memoirs or Book of the Dead teleport to Hosidius and run south-east.
OSRS Tithe Farm location
Tithe Farm location

Requirements to play

In order to take part in the Tithe Farm minigame you will need at least 100% Hosidius favour. In addition to level 34 farming or higher. You will also need a spade, dibber and watering can (6-8 watering cans recommended).

When playing the game you will find three types of seeds, each have their own level requirement (which is boostable). The Golovanova seeds are unlocked at 34 farming, while the Bologano Seeds are unlocked with 54 farming, finally the Logavano seeds are unlocked at 74 farming.

How to play Tithe Farm

  1. Selected the highest tier seed you can and enter the farming area.
  2. Plant the seeds in the empty patches.
  3. Use Gricoller’s Fertiliser to double the growth rate of your seeds
  4. Each time they grow, water them to ensure they do not die.
  5. When grown, harvest the fruit immediately and deposit it into the sacks.

If you are slow to harvest the plant it will begin to wilt and die. Additionally, if you are able to harvest more than 75% of the plant, you will be eligible to receive bonus experience. So it pays to be paying attention through-out this minigame.

Only 100 fruits can be deposited per instance and if you deposit fewer than 75 you will receive no points. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave the minigame before hitting the 100 fruit quota.

Minigame Rewards

Like most minigames in osrs, there is a reward shop for players to make use of. With a wide range of both tradable and un-tradable rewards on offer. All of which you can see below.

Farmer’s outfit

The Farmer’s Outfit is an experience boosting set of equipment. When the full set is worn players will receive 2.5% bonus experience. The hat costs 75 points, jacket is 150 points, the pants are 125 and finally the boots cost 50 points.

OSRS Farmers Outfit
Farmers Outfit

Seed box

Allows you to store six different types of seeds in the box. You can store an unlimited amount of each seed type. This reward costs 250 points to buy.

Herb sack

The Herb Sack allows you to store up to 30 of each type of grimy herb. Can be bought for 250 reward points, but also requires level 58 herblore.

Gricoller’s Can

Functions as a traditional watering can, however, it can hold up to 1,000 doses of water. This costs 200 reward points and is great for using during the Tithe Farm minigame itself. As one refill will essentially last 3 full games.


Costs 50 reward points and is toggleable. When enabled this will prevent weeds from being able to grow on your farming patches.

Bologa’s blessing

Bought as a stack of 10 blessings for 1 reward point. Each blessing is used to convert 1 grape to a Zamorak Grape in the Vinery. To purchase this you will also need a minimum of 50 prayer and to pay Bologa 75,000 coins.

Tradable rewards

Players can exchange excess points for tradable rewards such as compost, super-compost and grape seeds. The compost costs 1 reward point each, super-compost costs 5 reward points each and a grape seed costs 2 reward points.

OSRS Tithe Farm Rewards
Tithe Farm Rewards