OSRS Karambwan Fishing Guide

Fishing Karambwan is a relatively popular fishing training method in OSRS. While it does not provide very fast experience rates, it is often done as an profitable and AFK training method. Additionally, ironmen players may opt for this method, as Karambwan is a high-level food for PvM and also offer fast cooking experience rates.

Requirements for Karambwan Fishing

  • 65+ Fishing
  • Raw Karambwanji
  • Karambwan Vessel
  • Completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest

Where to do catch Karambwans?

The Karambwan fishing spots are located on the island of Karmaja. The specific location of the fishing spots are slightly north-west of the Ship Yard and east of the Harpie Bug swarms. The only viable method of transportation here is by the fairy ring code D-K-P. If you do not have access to fairy rings then it is recommended to use a different fishing method. As banking will be extremely slow and inefficient without the fairy ring.

osrs karambwan location
Karambwan location

Where to find raw karambwanji bait

To fish raw Karambwan you will first need to have a significant amount of raw Karambwanji, this is the bait used to fish Karambwan. Karambwanji is an untradeable item, so players will need to collect it themselves. It can either be bought from a store (Tiadeche in Tai Bwo Wannai) or fished.

Due to limit stock levels it is faster to fish them yourself. This can be done by traveling to the fairy code C-K-R and fishing in the nearby fishing spots. At level 65 it takes on average 6 minutes to collect enough for an hour of Karambwan fishing.

Catch rate

As your fishing level increases you will become more likely to successfully catch a raw Karambwan. This increasing your fishing experience rates per hour and total hourly Karambwan loot. The catch rates for levels 65 to 99 can be found below.

osrs karambwan fishing chance

Karambwan Fishing Experience Rates

At level 65 players should expect around 25,000 fishing experience per hour while catching raw Karambwan. Scaling up to around 33,000 fishing experience at level 99 with moderate levels of attention.