The ZMI Altar is a popular method of training the Runecrafting skill in OSRS. The ZMI altar is often referred to as the Ourania Altar and goes by both names in the osrs community. The Altar converts pure essence into a random assortment of runes and generates 170% the normal experience for each pure essence used.

While there are strictly no requirements to this method there are a few highly recommended items and abilities that will help increase your hourly runecrafting exp rates. This includes weight-reducing clothing such as the Graceful outfit, paired with stamina potions to maintain run. As this method involves almost endless running. Additionally, ability to use an Ourania Teleport spell with 71 Magic and Lunar Diplomacy complete (or Ourania Teleport Tablets) is essential. As this will put you immediately back to the start point saving significant time.

How to get to the Ourania Altar?

The Ourania Altar (ZMI) can be found beneath a Volcano. Located to the south-west of Ardougne and North of Castle Wars. To travel there you can use one of the following options:

  • Ourania Teleport Spell or Tablet
  • Spirit tree to the Battlefield and run west
  • Castle wars teleport with ring of dueling and run north
  • Ardougne teleport and run south-west
  • Ardougne Cloak teleport to Monastery and run west
osrs zmi location
ZMI location

Inventory & Gear Setup for ZMI

osrs zmi setup
ZMI Gear & Inventory Setup

The optimal setup can be found above. Use as many essence pouches as you have available at your current level. Furthermore, if you have 96 Magic and A Kingdom Divided complete, you can use Spellbook Swap to cast Vile Vigour. This Arceuus spell will replenish your run energy for prayer points. You can replenish prayer by using the Altar at the teleport location outside the Altar. Removing the need for stamina potions, however, if you do not have access to this, then sipping a dose of stamina at the bank when you run low or out works just as well.

How to craft runes at ZMI?

There are two different paths leading to the Altar, a long and a short path. The short path is obviously quicker but is home to aggressive monsters, the long path is free from monsters. Players should always opt for the short route unless they are a low hp account, in which other runecrafting methods may be more appropriate.

Always use official ZMI worlds such as world 327, as the large amounts of players running to the altar causes the damage to be spread out.

ZMI Paths
Short & Long ZMI path

At the beginning of the Dungeon you will find a bank where you can fill your inventory with essence. Then begin your run along the short path to the Altar. Once there you can use the Altar, use the Ourania teleport back to the entrance, run to the banker and begin the process again. Remember to use stamina pots when banking to maintain your run. For this its advised to decant stamina pots into one doses to use, with vial smasher turned on. The bank tags plugin will be particularly useful for easy banking each run.

Probability to receive specific types of runes

Every band of ten levels you will unlock a new theoretical distribution rate for the runes you receive. This can be easily depicted and visualised in the Graph below.

ZMI Rune probabilities

ZMI Experience Rates

Since the ZMI is accessible at level 1 and can be a competitive training method at all levels, experience rates vary greatly. At level 1 you can expect around 18k per hour with pure essence. Levels 50 you can expect around 37k exp in runecrafting an hour and up to 54k runecrafting exp at level 99. You can see a full breakdown in the table below.

osrs zmi experience rates
ZMI Experience Rates