OSRS Kodai Wand

The Kodai Wand is the best in slot wand in Old School Runescape. It requires a minimum of level 80 magic to wield and use. With the ability to autocast spells from the standard spellbook, ancient spellbook and the arceuus spellbook. The wand is created by combining a master wand from the mage training arena rewards, with a Kodai insignia. The Insignia can only be obtained from the Chambers of Xeric, as a ultra rare reward.

When using the wand you will get a 15% magic damage bonus. Additionally, the wand acts as an unlimited source of water runes and has a further 15% chance of negating rune costs when casting a spell.

Kodai Wand Stats

OSRS Kodai Wand Stats
Kodai Wand Stats

Uses for the Kodai Wand – where is it good?

The kodai wand is a fairly niche item. However, it really excells against the competition in the areas that it is good. Anywhere that involves barraging this wand is very good at. For example, maximum efficiency slayer training, as we all know barraging results in some of the highest rates of slayer experience. Furthermore, when doing the mage role at ToB it is a very important item, mainly for maiden, due to that damage bonus. Also, it has its uses in the inferno, particularly if you do not have a 4-slot rune pouch. As you will not need to bring any water runes into the instance with you.

Is the Kodai worth it?

Yes, if you have the money for it then it can definitely be a worthwhile investment. However, for most people it may be better to buy and sell the Kodai, dependant on what your current goals are. If you’re going to put a high amount of investment into the specific content that it is good at, then it’s definitely a good buy. But, for your average player doing general PVM, the money may be better invested into items that are less situational and niche.