OSRS Maiden Guide

The Maiden of Sugadinti is the first boss room in the Theatre of Blood. She attacks with numerous different methods, however, her primary attack is a mage based one. This guide will explore all of her other attacks and how to deal with them below.

Mechanics and Strategy

Scythe is best in slot at Maiden. However, if you are on a mage role it is better to use the Twisted Bow as it keeps you away from Maidens attacks. While also giving you more time to switch gear. If you are not a freeze role then you should be scything.

At 70%, 50% and 30% hitpoints, maiden will spawn 2 sets of red Nylocas per player. These will come from the northern and southern walls and they will walk towards maiden. If they reach maiden they will heal her dependant on how much hp they have. Therefore, you will need to freeze them. It will be important to clump rows 3 and 4 together to avoid them leaking and deal maximum damage.

OSRS Maiden Crab positions (N1234 & S1234)
Maiden Crab positions (N1234 & S1234)

Traditionally, for learners you will have 2 freeze roles. The North mager will freeze N1, N2 and N3. The South Mager will freeze S1, S2 and S4. An example of this is shown below.

OSRS Beginner method for freezing Maiden Spawns
Beginner method for freezing Maiden Spawns

Furthermore, Maiden will occasionally spit blood, if you stand in the blood you will receive a rapid amount of damage. It can also drain your stats, so try to pre-dodge the blood by anticipating it.

Blood Spawns can also spawn from the blood she spits, they will leave a trail of blood which will deal damage if you stand in it. Learners can freeze and kill the spawns, but, as you become more advanced you can simply ignore these.

Step by step guide to killing Maiden

  1. Enter the room praying protect from magic.
  2. Use defence draining specs to get her as close to 0 defence. Hammers first the BGS specs after.
  3. Attack her down to 70% then have your freezer/s, freeze the red Nylocas as they spawn. Remembering to clump rows 3 and 4 together.
  4. Repeat this at 50% and 30% hp.
  5. If your special attack has regenerated before the end of the kill, use claw specs or crystal halberd spec for the final hit.

Avoiding her stat drain

Through-out the kill you should try to flick gear so that Maiden drains a stat you’re not using. For example, when using a scythe to attack her, you can flick your tbow and anguish necklace on when not attacking her. This means when she targets you she will drain your range level, not your strength level. This is an advanced tactic, so only do it after you are comfortable with the room

Quick Video Explanation of Maiden