OSRS Nylo Guide

The Nylocas is the third boss room in ToB. The room consists in two parts. For the first part players must kill multiple waves of small nylocas that will attempt to destroy the four pillars holding the room together. If you survive the waves, in the second part you will take on the nylo boss – Nylocas Vasilias. This guide will show you exactly what you need to do to consistently clear the Nylocas room.

Mechanics and Strategy

During the first part of the room, nylocas will spawn in each of the 3 lanes leading to the centre of the room. They will come in three different colours, each should be attacked with its corresponding attack style. White should be attacked with melee, green with ranged and blue with magic. Each player should take a role for each colour, in 4 man teams, the 4th players should focus on killing melees and assist with magers. Essentially acting as a ‘float’ styled role since he is the extra man.

Nylo attack styles
Nylo attack style

Minimising pillar damage

During the nylocas waves, you will want to minimise the amount of damage the Nylos can do to the pillars. As if they destory a pillar, when it falls it will hit you for 35 damage. In addition to the remaining nylos becoming aggressive and attacking you and your team mates. Two or more pillars falling at the same time can also be extremely dangerous. If all four of the pillars are destoryed you will die and wipe the raid.

Prioritise the pillar with the lowest hp in the later waves. Make use of barrages, chins and scythe hits to take out clumps of the same colour nylos. Also, focus on the small nylos when it becomes overcrowded.

Nylocas Boss

When you have survived the Nylo waves, the main boss will spawn. The boss will always spawn in its melee form first, so be ready with melee special attacks such as the Bandos Godsword, Dragon Claws or Crystal Halberd.

After the first set of attacks, the Nylo will randomly change its attack style every 10 ticks. So, be ready to change your protection prayers (first) and then your combat gear. Be careful, as if you use the wrong combat style the damage you would have done will be reflected back on you. Additionally, using the wrong protection prayers can be very punishing, as the boss has a max hit of 60.

Step by step guide to completing the Nylo room

  1. Divide your team into roles. For 4 man teams, 1 players will kill melee nylos, 1 player will kill range nylos, 1 player will kill mage nylos and the fourth player will kill melee Nylo’s but also help out with mage nylos.
  2. Enter the room and focus on attacking the nylos specific to your role.
  3. When aggressive nylos enter the room, kill them as fast as possible to avoid taking damage.
  4. Clear the pillars, focusing on the pillars with the lowest hp and focusing on the small nylos primarily.
  5. Once the waves are over and all of the Nylos are dead, heal and pot up. Be ready in melee gear to attack the Nylocas Vasilias.
  6. Switch your gear and prayer dependant on the attack style used by the nylo boss until it dies.
    • If it appears white it will attack with melee and you must deal melee damage to it.
    • If it appears blue it will attack with mage and you must deal mage damage to it.
    • If it appears green it will attack with ranged and you must deal ranged damage to it.

Quick Video Explanation of Nylo

Nylo Waves Chart

Below is a chart that shows the specific order in which each of the Nylo waves will occur. Which type of Nylo comes from each of the east, south and west lanes.

OSRS Nylo Chart
Nylo Chart