OSRS Woodcutting Training Guide

In this OSRS Guide, we’ll go over all the most important factors when it comes to the skill of Woodcutting. This guide will focus specifically on the fastest methods of training the woodcutting skill. As these are the most efficient ways to spend your time in the game. However, at the end we will also provide a relevant list of strong alternative methods.


An axe is pretty much the only item you need for woodcutting. Although, the type you use can have a significant impact on your experience rates. Additionally, similarly to most of the other skills that focus on collecting resources, the woodcutting skill has its own experience boosting set.

Axe type

Always use the highest tier axe that is available to you up when woodcutting. You do not need the attack level to use the axe, it is only for equipping them. Axe’s can still be used from your inventory without the attack level.

The Dragon axe has a special attack that can be used to boost your woodcutting level by 3. When not banking logs the infernal axe is good as it will burn 1/3 of the logs you cut. Which also provides a small amount of passive firemaking experience.

osrs woodcutting axe types
Axe Types

However, out of all the axes in the game the Crystal Axe is the best. It will significantly increase experience rates, so is recommended where possible. But, be wary of its crystal shard usage, you can plant crystal shard trees to maintain the use of the axe at an effective close to 0 time loss.

Lumberjack Outfit

osrs lumberjack

The Lumberjack outfit is a type of experience boosting clothing set. It can be obtained from the Temple Trekking minigame and provides a 2.5% boost in woodcutting experience when the full set is worn. The set is relatively quick to obtain, taking around 1 hour. So, it is recommended to get this set if training the skill to 99, as the time save will be worth while. Players can also cosmetically upgrade the lumberjack outfit to the forestry outfit.

Fastest 1-99 Woodcutting Method

Below you can find a guide for all of the fastest methods used to achieve 99 woodcutting in osrs. It is recommended to follow these methods to 99, as the time saved is significant and can be better spent on other activities, such as high level money making.

Regular Trees: Level 1-15

osrs logs

From level 1 to 15, the fastest woodcutting experience will be regular trees. Each log will provide you 25 woodcutting experience, at a rate of 10-15k exp per hour. The best places to chop regular trees for convenience include; Lumbridge or near the Grand Exchange. Make sure to continually upgrade your Axe as you progress through the levels from Iron to Steel, Black and Mithril.

Oak Trees: Level 15-35

oak logs

From level 15 to 35, the fastest osrs woodcutting experience is Oak Trees. With each log giving woodcutting experience at a rate of 37.5 experience per log, providing experience rates of around 40k per hour. Oak trees can be found located very close to the regular trees both at Lumbridge and the Grand Exchange. The levels are fast and shouldn’t take you any longer than 45 minutes. You can find the best places to chop Oak Trees here.

Teak Trees: Level 35-99

teak logs

Cutting Teak Trees offers the fastest woodcutting experience in Oldschool Runescape, when using tick manipulation. If not making use of tick manipulation methods then it offers the fastest exp until level 65. At which point it is recommended to move on to cutting sulliusceps.

1.5-tick Woodcutting

1.5-tick woodcutting of teak trees found on Fossil Island is the fastest and most efficient way to train woodcutting to 99.

The method is done by setting up a 3 tick cycle (using swamp tar on a clean herb). Then alternating tiles near a Teak Tree patch and cutting the Tree. This allows the player to have a chance at receiving 2 logs at once.

osrs 1.5 tick woodcuttiing
1.5 tick woodcutting

The method is highly click intensive. However, at level 99, it is possible to gain over 220k exp per hour doing this method efficiently.

2-tick Woodcutting

A less click intensive method is known as 2-tick and can still provide competitive experience rates of over 180k exp per hour.

The method is setup by having the player be attacked every two ticks and clicking back onto the tree. Ape Atoll is the most popular place for this, using two birds, and having auto-retaliate enabled. Prifddinas, is also an alternative providing you have the area unlocked. The Prifddinas area is actually beneficial as you can not be poisoned by mobs, unlike at the Ape Atoll location.

2 tick woodcutting osrs
2 tick woodcutting

Alternative Woodcutting Methods

Blisterwood Tree: Level 62-90

osrs blisterwood tree

Upon partial completion of Sins of the Father, players are granted access to the Blisterwood Tree in Darkmeyer. Before level 90 players can expect to gain exp rates of around 65,000 per hour. A value that is comparable to Teak Trees without tick manipulation.

Chopping Blisterwood trees is well known for its ability to be easily afked, with low effort. The tree will never deplete, however, the player will have to re-interact and click the tree again every so often when the player stops chopping. Each log provides 76 experience, and most player opt to drop the logs once cut.

Sulliuscep Woodcutting: Level 65-99

Sulliuscep tree osrs

The Sulliuscep woodcutting method produces the fastest woodcutting experience per hour when not using tick manipulation methods. Players will need to follow a specific route which can be found in an osrs sulliuscep guide. The route maximises your overall efficiency and increases experience rates. At level 99 players can expect up to 110,000 woodcutting experience per hour. Or, when starting out expect around 65,000 per hour at levels 65.

Redwood Trees: Level 90-99

Redwoods are a popular choice for training woodcutting beyond level 90. Although, players will need access to the Woodcutting Guild to chop them, which requires at least 75% Hosidius Favor.

Redwoods provide some of the most afk-able exp in the entire game. With experience rates of around 55-60k per hour at level 90, rising to around 65k at level 99. It is more efficient to just drop the logs due to their low value, however, many players opt to bring a knife and fletch them into stackable arrow shafts, as this requires significantly less effort and low intensity is one of the main pull factors when it comes to Redwoods.

Quests for Woodcutting Experience

  • Enlightened Journey – 1,500 Experience
  • Recipe for Disaster (Skrach Uglogwee subquest) – 1,500 Experience
  • Heroes’ Quest – 1,575 Experience
  • Monk’s Friend – 2,000 Experience
  • Animal Magnetism – 2,500 Experience
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie – 2,500 Experience
  • The Fremennik Trials – 2,812 Experience
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper – 4,000 Experience
  • The Fremennik Isles – 10,000 Experience
  • Grim Tales – 14,000 Experience
  • Song of the Elves – 20,000 Experience