OSRS Master Farmers Guide

Master Farmers are a type of NPC in oldschool runescape that can be pickpocketed. As a result they are often used as a viable thieving training method. Each pickpocket when successful will reward the player with seeds (excluding tree seeds and fruit tree seeds). This is particularly useful for ironmen but also provides a means of passive profit for mains looking to train thieving.

You can expect around 60 high level seeds including ranarr, snapdragon, torstol and more when running at maximum efficiency. Although, if you have a farming level below 85 you will receive a decreased drop rate for these high level seeds.

Where to pickpocket Master Farmers

Master Farms can be found at a few different locations around the OSRS map. These are as follows:

  • Farming Guild
  • Hosidius house
  • North of East Ardougne
  • Draynor Village
  • South of Varrock

All of these locations are extremely easy to access due to their close proximity to city teleports or other popular teleportation items. Farming Guild can be accessed via the skills necklace and Draynor is easily accessible via the Glory teleport. Cities such as East Ardougne and Varrock can be easily reached via their teleport spells or tablets.

Pickpocket Success Chance

OSRS Master Farmers Pickpocketing Chance

As you progress up through the thieving levels, your probability to successfully pickpocket master farmers will increase gradually. Different items and perks such as the Ardougne diary or gloves of silence can increase this probability. At level 94 with the Ardougne hard diary you will no longer fail when pickpocketing master farmers.

Experience per hour

At maximum efficiency, running without the potential of failure you can do around 129,000 thieving experience per hour. This will require at least level 94+ thieving though. At level 38 thieving you can expect around 40,000 – 50,000 thieving experience every hour.

Profit per hour

One of the main attractions of master farmers is the seeds you receive from pickpocketing. These are particularly useful for ironmen, but also have a means of passive profit generation for main accounts. At maximum efficiency with no pickpocket failure you can expect around 500,000 – 600,000 gp per hour. At level 38 when first starting out expect around half of this or less, with it gradually scaling up as your level increases.