OSRS Fruit Tree Patches

A Fruit Tree Patch is a specific farming patch used to plant Fruit Trees. The seeds required to grow fruit tree saplings can be obtained from various methods. Including bird nests, monsters, farming contracts and more. Fully grown trees will provide six fruit each, but, the main reason for planting these trees is for the huge farming experience gains.

To fully grow a fruit tree, from planting to harvesting it will take a total of 16 hours (6 x 160 minute cycles).

Types of Fruit Trees in OSRS

LevelTree / SeedGrow TimeProtection FeeTotal Experience
27Apple16 HoursSweetcorn x 91,272.5
33Banana16 HoursApples(5) x 41,841.5
39Orange16 HoursStrawberries(5) x 32,586.7
42Curry16 HoursBananas(5) x 53,036.9
51Pineapple16 HoursWatermelon x 104,791.7
57Papaya16 HoursPineapple x 106,380.4
68Palm16 HoursPapaya fruit x 1510,509.6
81Dragonfruit16 HoursCoconut x 1517,895

Fruit Tree Patch Locations


South-east part of Catherby. Accessible via the Catherby teleport, Camelot teleport, Gnome Glider to White Wolf Mountain or taking a charter ship to Catherby. The Gardeners name is Ellena.

osrs Catherby fruit tree patch
Catherby fruit tree patch

Tree Gnome Village

West side of the Tree Gnome Maze. Use the Spirit Tree to the Tree Gnome Village and exit via Elkoy or use the fairy ring code C-I-Q. The Gardeners name here is Gileth.

osrs tree gnome village fruit tree patch
Tree Gnome Village Fruit Tree Patch


Located in the northern part of Brimhaven near the Charter Ships. To reach the areas use any of the following methods; Brimhaven house teleport, Spirit Tree to Brimhaven, Charter Ship or Teleport to Ardougne and take a boat to Brimhaven. The Gardeners name is Garth.

osrs North of Brimhaven fruit tree
North of Brimhaven fruit tree patch


Located in the south-east part of the elf village, Lletya. Use a teleport crystal to arrive at the area. The Gardeners name is Liliwen.

Lletya fruit tree
Lletya fruit tree patch

Tree Gnome Stronghold

Located on the east side of Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the Stronghold Agility Course. Travel to the area via the Balloon Transport System, Spirit Tree to Gnome Stronghold, royal seed pod, slayer ring teleport or achievement diary teleport. The Gardeners name here is Bolongo.

Tree Gnome Stronghold fruit tree patch osrs
Tree Gnome Stronghold fruit tree patch

Farming Guild

Located in the northern section of the Farming Guild, requires 85 farming to enter this area. To travel there use the Spirit Tree teleport if you have one planted in the guild, a skills necklace teleport or the fairy ring code C-I-R.

Farming Guild Fruit Tree Patch
Farming Guild Fruit Tree Patch

Efficient Fruit Tree Path & Order

  1. Plant your first fruit tree in the Gnome Stronghold.
  2. From here use the Spirit Tree to the Gnome village and follow elkoy out of the maze.
  3. Plant your next tree when out of the maze, then teleport to Camelot or Catherby.
  4. Plant your fruit tree in Catherby then run west to the Charter Ships.
  5. Charter a boat to Brimhaven and plant your next fruit tree in the patch here.
  6. Use your teleport crystal to travel to Lletya.
  7. If you have 85+ farming, use a skills necklace teleport to Farming Guild to plant your final tree.