OSRS Vannaka

Vannaka is one of oldschool runescapes Slayer Masters. To use him for slayer task assignments, you will need a minimum combat level of 40 or higher. He assigns a wide variety of monsters, but his task list is mainly aimed at low to mid level players. Additionally, having him assign you a task is a requirement for the medium Varrock Diary.

How to get to Vannaka?

Vannaka can be found in the Edgeville Dungeon, in the north-east corner of the non-wilderness area. The Edgeville trapdoor entrance and the Varrock shed entrance are around the same distance. Although, the entrance in Edgeville, south of the bank is usually more convenient. Alternatively, if you have completed Lunar Diplomacy, the NPC contact spell can be used to receive a task from Vannaka.

OSRS Where to find Vannaka
Where to find Vannaka

Slayer Points

For every slayer task you complete after your first 5 tasks with Vannaka you will be rewarded slayer points. The base points for this is 4 per task, but scales at different milestones. For example every 10th task rewards 20 points, every 50th is 60. A full breakdown of the points rewarded for each task interval can be seen below.

OSRS Slayer Points from Vannaka
Slayer Points from Vannaka

Task list & Weighting

Other Slayer Masters

Currently in osrs there are a total of nine unique slayer masters that can be used at a variety of different levels. Each will have its own task list with specific weightings and difficulty level. The Slayer Masters are as follows: