OSRS Drift Net Fishing Guide

Drift Net Fishing is unique in the sense that it is used to train two skills at once. With level 44 hunter and 47 fishing, this method can be used in the underwater area of Fossil Island to gain both hunter and fishing experience. This method is the fastest fishing exp per hour from levels 47-58, until Barbarian Fishing is unlocked.

Where to train with drift net fishing?

Drift Net fishing is found exclusively in the underwater regions of Fossil Island. Because of this having completed the bone voyage quest is a requirement for this method. You will also need a diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet. To get to the area, use one of the rowboats in the museum camp or near the mushroom forest to row out to sea. Once you reach the small island, right click the rowboat and select the dive option. Swim north to the entrance and speak to Ceto to enter the fishing zone.

OSRS Map of Fossil Island underwater region
Map of Fossil Island underwater region

Gear setup for Drift Net Fishing

OSRS Drift Net Fishing Gear Setup
Gear Setup

How to Drift Net Fish

  1. Speak to Ceto to enter the fishing zone for a fee of 200 numulite (pay 20,000 numulites for permanent access).
  2. Set up drift nets at the two anchor points. Speak to Annette if you need some drift nets for free.
  3. Chase the fish shoals into the drift nets for faster experience. Merfolk trident, trident of the swamp, trident of the seas and dragon harpoons increase the likelihood of successfully scaring the shoals into the nets.
  4. Prioritise the fish shoals closest to the nets.

Experience rates with Drift Nets

At the minimum level requirements players can expect around 64k fishing and 81k hunter experience every hour. This scales up to 87k fishing and 115k hunter at level 70+ in each skill. The experience rate table can be found below.

OSRS Exp rates for drift net fishing
Exp rates for drift net fishing