OSRS Best Places to Mine Silver

This article will show you the best places to mine silver ore in OSRS. Mining silver rocks can be useful for early game mining levels and experience. Additionally, it may be required for various reasons on ironmen accounts. Including item requirements for quests or to create specific items.

Where are the Best Places to mine Silver?

  • Al-Kharid Mine
  • Crafting Guild Mine
  • Mor Ul Rek
  • Trahaearn mine

Best F2P Silver Mining Spots

The crafting guild has the most silver rocks of any location in free to play worlds. Making it one of the best locations for mining silver. Additionally, if you do have access to members worlds, then you can use the deposit box and bank with completion of the hard falador diary or 99 crafting.

Alternatively, the Al-Kharid mine can be used as a spot to mine silver ore. There is a total of 5 rocks here, only one less than the crafting guild. Although, low levels should be wary of the scorpions when training here.

osrs crafting guild mining spot
Crafting Guild mine location

Best P2P Silver Mining Spots

The Mor Ul Rek mines are great spots for mining silver ore. They are split in to two areas, the northern and southern mines.

The northern mine is located outside of Mor Ul Rek, next to the fight caves entrance and bank. It has 3 silver rocks and is great for banking, as the bank is super close by. Alternatively, the southern mine is located inside the Mor Ul Rek area, meaning a fire cape is required for entry. There are 6 silver rocks in this area, with a bank to the north.

osrs Mor Ul Rek mine location
Mor Ul Rek silver rock locations

The Trahaearn mine is also a good place to mine silver ore. It is located below Prifddinas, meaning the quest Song of the Elves must be completed to gain access. The area has a total of 8 silver rocks and has a nearby bank.

Other Mining Locations