OSRS Serpentine Helm

The Serpentine Helm is a melee helmet in OSRS. It offers the third highest strength bonus of any helmet, behind only the Neitiznot Faceguard and Torva Full Helm. Furthermore, it can be obtained by killing Zulrah to obtain the Serpentine Visage and using a chisel on it with 52 Crafting to create the serp helm. To equip the helmet you will need a minimum of level 75 defence.

Serpentine Helm Stats

OSRS Serpentine Helm stats
Serpentine Helm stats

Passive Effects

  • Full immunity to venom and poison when worn.
  • Chance to inflict venom on the opponent. Only works on successful hits and opponent must not have venom immunity.

The chance of inflicting venom if you are using the Toxic Blowpipe, Toxic Trident or Toxic Staff of the Dead is 100%. If using a poisoned weapon such as the Abyssal Tentacle it is a 50% chance. Finally, non-poisoned melee weapons have a 16.7% chance of inflicting venom on a successful hit.

How to charge the Serpentine Helm?

The Serpentine Helm can be charged by using Zulrah’s Scales on it. The helm can hold up to 11,000 scales before it is fully charged and ready to use in combat.

Uses for the Serpentine Helm – where is it good?

The Serp helm is the third best melee gear for the helmet slot and holds a consistently low value. Meaning it is a useful melee helm for players on a tight budget. Additionally, its defensive stats are much higher than the faceguard, making it useful for GWD bosses like bandos or the Dagannoth Kings.

Is the Serp Helm worth it?

Yes, the serp helm is a strong melee helm that can be used efficiently at a variety of places. Although, as it is charged with Zulrah Scales this can be an expensive item to use. Therefore, it is recommended to only use the serp helm for high-level pvm and bossing.