OSRS Hespori Guide

Hespori is Old School Runescapes Farming boss. In order to fight this monster, players must first plant a Hespori Seed in the Hespori Path. This is located in the west wing of the Farming Guild. In order to enter the guild you will need 65 Farming and 60% Hosidius house favour. The patch takes between 22 and 32 hours to grow. Hespori Seeds can be randomly obtained by checking the health of various patches, such as trees, bushes or cacti. As well as when harvesting various patches. Check out our osrs farming guide for the best methods to train farming.

Best in Slot Gear for Hespori

osrs hespori gear setup
Hespori Gear Setup

Hespori Mechanics

  • The flowers surrounding Hespori must be killed before you can damage Hespori. These spawn three times during the fight. Once at the start, then at 66.6% and 33.3% Hp threshold.
  • Use Blowpipe to kill the flowers. As it is a 2 tick weapon and the flowers will always instantly die to one attack.
  • The boss is weak to slash. Making scythe a good primary weapon here. Special attacks such as dragon claws are also beneficial. For speed kills you may wish to use the crystal halberd to skip the final set of flowers. Teleporting away during speed kills can be used as a means of “resetting” so you can try again. This is particularly beneficial if going for the Hespori speed run combat achievement task.

Hespori Example Kill

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Hespori FAQs

Below is a range of frequently asked questions asked by players looking to kill Hespori for the first time.

What level should I be to fight Hespori?

Base combat stats of level 60 and above is good enough to kill Hespori. It is a relatively easy boss so can be done at even lower combat stats.

How long does Hespori take?

The Hespori patch can take between 22 and 32 hours to grow.

Do I need to compost Hespori?

No, no compost is required to grow a Hespori seed. Nor is any protection payment required.