OSRS Smithing Dart Tips

Smithing Darts Tips is a popular smithing training method in OSRS. Predominantely known as one of the most afk training methods for smithing. Making it an ideal osrs mobile activity. In this guide we will provide an overview of smithing dart tips.

Where are the best places to smith dart tips?

Varrock West Bank is one of the best places to smith dart tips. The anvil is located only 10 tiles from the varrock west bank. Additionally, there are no requirements to use the area.

The Anvil in the south of Prifddinas is technically slightly better. With a distance of only 9 tiles from a bank. However, the requirements for this area are much more challenging. As players will need to have completed the grandmaster quest, Song of the Elves to use this anvil.

Xp per hour from smithing dart tips

Hourly experience rates for smithing dart tips start at around 12,000 per hour with Bronze tips. Scaling up to 71k xp per hour with rune dart tips.

Although, the cost of making rune darts is disproportionate to other darts. Therefore, the realistic best xp rate is 60k per hour with Adamant. As rune is largely an unviable method for most players.

OSRS Smithing Dart Tips Experience rates
Dart Tips Experience rates

Profit per hour smithing dart tips

When smithing low tier darts players can expect profits of around 100,000 to 185,000 per hour. All darts up to Mithril provide a profit, with Adamant sometimes providing a profit, depending on current Grand Exchange prices.

Rune dart tips are disproportionately more expensive and provide a significant net loss in gold. At the time of writing this article, they give a net loss of around 7 million. Making it an unviable method.

OSRS Smithing Dart Tips Hourly profit
Dart Tips Hourly profit