OSRS Mor Ul Rek

Mor Ul Rek can be found deep below the Karamja Volcano and is more commonly known as the TzHaar City. The City is of course home to the TzHaar race, but also hosts a range of combat-focused minigames, including the Fight Caves and OSRS’s toughest challenge the Inferno. Stores around the underground city operate on their own currency of Tokkul, which can be used to buy different items such as obsidian armour or gems such as the Onyx.

To enter the inner area of the TzHaar city, players will need to have already obtained a fire cape by killing Jad in the Fight Caves. This must then be shown to one of the TzHaar guards at the entrance to the inner section of the City. The city looks awesome in HD so be sure to check it out with the osrs HD plug-in.

How to get to Mor Ul Rek?

The TzHaar city can be reached via the Volcano entrance. To reach the entrance players can travel by the following methods:

  • Glory teleport to Karamja and run slightly west.
  • Charter a boat to Brimhaven or Karmja and run to the entrance (west if arriving at Karmaja and east if arriving at the Brimhaven port).
  • PoH teleport to Brimhaven if your house is located there and run east.

Alternatively, there are a few teleportation methods that can send you directly to Mor Ul Rek. These include:

OSRS Mor Ul Rek Location
Mor Ul Rek Location

What monsters are in the Mor Ul Rek?

As previously mentioned, Mor Ul Rek is home to the Tzhaar race. There are four types of TzHaar warriors that inhabit the City. They are the TzHaar-Ket, TzHaar-Xil, TzHaar-Mej and teh TzHaar-Hur.

Skilling areas of the City

Mor Ul Rek is very much a multi-purpose city. Offering some pretty competitive skilling options for both exp and profit, specifically in the inner area of the City.

Infernal Eels

Players can find three infernal eel fishing areas around the city. This is a profitable method for fishing as players can obtain onyx bolt tips, lava scale shards and tokkul while fishing. However, you will need a minimum of 80+ fishing to use this method. Ice gloves, an oily fishing rod and fishing bait are also required to fish in the infernal eel fishing areas.

TzHaar pickpocketing

The TzHaar-Hur can be pickpocketed when players have a minimum of level 90 thieving. This does also require Ice Gloves to work. Additionally, at level 75 players can steal from the Gem Stalls located around the City, or the Ore Stalls at level 82.

TzHaar Mine

In the South-eastern part of Mor Ul Rek, you can find a mine that can be used to train the mining skill. Currently it contains a wide variety or rocks including; 7 gold rocks, 4 coal rocks, 6 silver rocks, 3 iron rocks, 2 adamantite rocks and 3 runite rocks.