OSRS How to Get to Weiss

Weiss is the main village of the Ice Trolls. It can only be accessed after partial completion of the quest Making Friends with My Arm. This post aims to show you how to get to Weiss and the fastest methods used to do so.

Fastest Methods to get to Weiss

There are three common methods used by players to travel to Weiss. These are as follows:

  • Icy Basalt teleports to the herb patches in the western corner of the Village.
  • A Portal Nexus or Portal Chambers teleport to Weiss from a PoH.
  • Use Larry’s boat (north-east of Rellekka) to sail to Weiss.
OSRS Weiss Map location
Weiss Map location

Icy Basalt Teleport

Icy Basalt can be created by combining 1 basalt, 1 Te salt and 3 Efh salt. Alternatively, since it is tradeable it can be bought on the Grand Exchange or from other players.

The Icy Basalt can be used as a one click teleport to Weiss. But, only after full completion of the Making Friends with My Arm quest.

Teleport to Weiss
Teleport to Weiss

Portal Nexus

Players can use their own player-owned-home to teleport directly to Weiss. To create your own teleport you will need 100 times the resources required for one teleport if using a portal chamber. Or 1,000 times if using a Portal Nexus.

Alternatively, you can use a friends house if you do not have the teleport added or construction level to do so. World 330 is the official world for house parties and where you will be able to find a suitable teleport to Weiss.

Larry’s Boat

Larry can be found just north-east of Rellekka, outside of the cities wall. He will be on a small dock, found north of some Rock Crabs. The fastest way to reach Larry is by using the fairy ring code D-K-S and running north-west.