OSRS Wilderness Slayer Dungeon

The Wilderness Slayer Dungeon is located below the Wilderness in OSRS. It contains a handful of monsters that are commonly assigned by the Wilderness Slayer Master, Krystilia. The entire dungeon is in multi-combat, so if you’re training here be aware of your risked items if killed by PKers. A dwarf multicannon is allowed to be used in the dungeon but at your own risk.

How to get to the Wilderness Slayer Dungeon?

The Dungeon can be entered via to entrances. The first is at level 18 Wilderness, just west of Larran’s small chest. The other is in level 29 Wilderness, west of Venenatis. The best methods of travelling to the cave entrances are:

  • Ferox Enclave teleport and running east to level 18 entrance.
  • Corporeal Beast teleport and run east to level 18 entrance.
  • Wilderness crabs teleport and run west to level 29 entrance.
  • Burning Amulet to Chaos Temple and run north to level 18 entrance.
OSRS Wildy Slayer Dungeon entrances
Entrances to Wilderness Slayer Dungeon

What monsters are in the Wilderness Slayer Dungeon?

The wildy slayer cave is home to a total of 13 unique monsters. Abyssal Demons, Nechryaels, Dust Devils and Jellies can only be damaged when on a slayer task. The full list of monsters you can find in the cave include:

OSRS Wildy Slayer Dungeon map
Wilderness Slayer Dungeon map