OSRS Venenatis Guide

Venenatis is a powerful wilderness boss in OSRS. The boss drops a variety of valuable loot, including the voidwalker gem which is used to create the Voidwalker weapon. Venenatis is located in multi-combat areas of the wilderness making it extremely danger to fight. Therefore, be cautious about how much risked wealth you are taking, and be sure to have left click attack player options turned off if risking high values of wealth. Alternatively, you can kill its weaker variant the Spindel in single-plus zones.

Where to fight Venenatis?

Venenatis can be through the entrance to the Silk Chasm, this entrance is found to the east of the Bone Yard at level 32 wilderness. The best methods of travelling there are:

  • Level 18 wilderness obelisk and run north-east
  • Wilderness crabs teleport and run south
  • Corporeal beast teleport and run east
OSRS where to find venenatis
Entrance to Venenatis

Gear setup for Venenatis

OSRS gear setup for venenatis
Gear Setup for Venenatis

Fight overview

  • Venenatis is weak to crush weapons and will only use melee against you as long as you’re in melee distance.
  • Thralls are the most useful spell to take.
  • At the start of the kill, Venenatis will move twice and then shoot the web special on the third attack. You should position yourself to place the web as close to the edge of the arena as possible without leaving melee distance of the boss. Run 4 tiles as it shoots the web to avoid it. Placing the web towards the edge of the arena lowers the chances of you getting dragged back into it when Venantis moves around.
  • After this first web despawns (20-30secs in a solo). Venenatis will move 1-2 more times before using the web special again. This ends up being about 50secs between web specials in a solo.
  • Blood fury is extremely nice to use at this boss, you will profit supplies while using it allowing you to sit on maximum food in case pkers arrive.
  • Don’t worry about killing the spiderlings unless you’re in a 5+ man team, in which case a couple of people should carry bulwarks and use specs to clear the spiderlings when they spawn in large waves.